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Best Places and Retreats for a Rejuvenating Yoga Holiday in India

Yoga Holiday in India
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Desiring a yoga holiday in India? If yes then you are at the right place to plan an invigorating trip for your ultimate wellness.

Yoga in India is popular with international tourists. Various retreats and wellness centers in the country offer a plethora of training sessions. Yoga teacher’s training is also quite sought-after in India. But what if you didn’t want to attend a standard yoga retreat or go through a rigorous training session? What if you just wanted to relax into one or more sessions of this holistic modality? Or spend time in a wellness retreat while also partaking in activities other than yoga? Yes, all this is possible when you consider a rejuvenating holiday in India.

Consider these great locations and yoga retreats mentioned below. You can choose any of the following destinations and centers depending on the locale you desire to visit and your wellness requirements. You can also choose to follow a yoga trail and stay at different locations and retreats over 2-3 weeks or more of your stay in India.

Irrespective of which location you choose; you are likely to experience a magnificent rejuvenation of the mind and the body at the end of your trip.

Before you head to India for a yoga holiday:

  • Finalize your stay in the retreat of your choice.
  • Ensure your tickets and itinerary are in order.
  • Pack light, as per the season, and with comfortable items of clothing.
  • Find the best flight deals by booking your tickets in advance.
  • Be ready to use only the most essential electronics during the trip (for maximum relaxation).

The Best Goa Retreats

When you take flights to India, you have the option to land at myriad of international airports. You can take flights to Mumbai from source destination and then a connecting flight to Goa. If you wish to start your rejuvenating journey well before landing in Goa; travel to the ever-popular Indian state via road or train to fill your senses with vistas after vistas of awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Once you are in Goa; head to the retreat of your choice. Advance bookings are possible for all yoga retreats in Goa.

Some of the best options for Goa yoga retreats are:

  • Purple Valley, Assagao Valley (North Goa)
  • Satsanga Retreat, Verla Canca Village (North Goa)
  • SWAN Yoga Retreat, Bairo Alto (North Goa)
  • Bamboo Yoga Retreat, Patnem (South Goa)
  • Little Cove Yoga Holiday Retreat, Cola (South Goa)

Making the most of your yoga holiday in Goa:

Choosing an easy wellness program will allow you plenty of time to explore the gorgeous Goan beaches. Keep the program’s duration short if you plan to hop onto the next wellness retreat. While on this stop of the trail, forget about the next destination and let your inner being simply soak into this Goa yoga retreat experience.

SWAN Yoga Retreat is abundant in fruits trees; offering a thriving haven for feathered creatures. The combination of love bestowed by fruit trees with singsong of the birds offers guests a yoga holiday replete with nature’s gifts. Enjoy relaxing amidst coconut groves and the beach breeze if you choose Little Cove Yoga Holiday Retreat. Revitalize yourself in eco-friendly huts if you choose the Bamboo Yoga Retreat. Enjoy a tropical garden and vicinity to many beaches if you are at the Satsanga Retreat. Purple Valley offers its guests abundant greenery along with homely accommodation options.

While at the retreat of your choice; do not forget to enjoy the nearby beaches. Step out to take in the fresh morning air or the calming evening ambience by the sea. Indulge in organic and vegetarian food offered at these yoga retreats and feel wellness start to seep into your very being.

Options: Stay in Goa for a week or so before starting on the next leg of your journey. If you are here for a standalone retreat; enjoy it your way. Feel free to extend your stay at any of these or other retreats depending on their availability. If you are up for the next wellbeing station then here’s more information on the same.

The Best Kerala Retreats

Depending on your schedule, you can take trains or flights to Kochi or Thiruvananthapuram (formerly Trivandrum) from Goa. Train journeys will be scenic and if you can afford time in your trip for Indian train journeys especially in the Konkan region or the Western Ghats routes then it will be a trip of a lifetime. You can also fly directly to these destinations from a number of international destinations. There are numerous flights to international airports at both Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram.

Once you are in Kerela; head to the retreat of your choice. Advance bookings are possible for all yoga retreats in Kerela.

Some of the best options for Kerala yoga retreats are:

  • Sharanagati Yogahaus, Varkala
  • Kaivalyam, Munnar
  • Elephant Pass Ayurveda Resort and Yoga Retreat, Kochi
  • Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad
  • Soul & Surf, Varkala

Making the most of your yoga holiday in Kerela:

If this is the next stop on your yoga trail, choose a good center in Kerala as well. In Kerala yoga and wellness retreats, you will mostly find more rigorous programs compared to Goan retreats.

At Kaivalyam, you get to breathe in the fresh air from the surrounding tea plantations. You can choose from various yoga programs on offer here as per your requirements. Indulge in fun activities available here along with your yoga classes. Hike to a nearby spice plantation. Walk to tea-covered green hills to a nearby waterfall. Partake in tea-tasting sessions or the farmyard experience at the resort. Sharanagati Yogahaus offers you a beach setting along with various yoga programs. Prepare for a digital detox here as use of cellphones, laptops, and tablets is prohibited for guests. Elephant Pass is an eco-friendly retreat by the Periyar River. Along with yoga sessions, you can also choose various Ayurvedic treatments available here. Walk by the river bank in silent meditation or gaze at the verdant landscapes to soothe your eyes as well as the mind. Choose Kairali for individual yoga sessions and ayurvedic treatments for optimal relaxation. The villas here are set amidst soft green grass and coconut trees. Indulge in fresh vegetarian fare with ingredients from their own organic farm.  Book a room at the Soul & Surf if you are up for a wellness retreat atop a cliff! Along with various yoga sessions, you will get the luxury of an envious view of the Arabian Sea, vicinity to a beautiful beach, and peaceful gardens.

Options: You can choose to stay in Kerala and explore rest of the state after your retreat. You can also plan your stay in different yoga centers depending upon your wellness requirements.

The Best Uttarakhand Retreats

You can take a train or a flight out of Kerala to Delhi. From Delhi, you can travel to Rishikesh and other places in Uttarakhand via train. You can also use road transport of your choice and reach any town in the state easily. There are flights to India from USA and other international destinations with arrivals at the Delhi Airport. So, it is easy to travel to any wellness retreat in Uttarakhand.

You can choose from any number of yoga retreats in Rishikesh and the entire Uttarakhand. Rishikesh particularly is renowned for yoga classes for beginners as well as for teachers’ training courses. As you are on a rejuvenating holiday, choose a retreat with easy access to leisure time around the Ganga and to indulge in activities to revive the fatigued mind.

Once you are in Uttarakhand; head to the retreat of your choice. Advance bookings are possible for all yoga retreats in the state.

Some of the best options for Uttarakhand yoga retreats are:

  • Arogya Yoga School, Rishikesh
  • Naturoville, Rishikesh
  • Yog Niketan Dham – an International Ashram (YNDIA), Devprayag
  • Vana, Dehradun
  • Adiyog Foundation, Jeolikote

Making the most of your yoga holiday in Uttarakhand:

Arogya Yoga School is famous for teachers’ training courses. But it also offers yoga retreats for 3 to 14 days. These sessions offer ample free time for guests to explore Rishikesh. Practice yoga outdoors in spaces overlooking the hills and a vast green cover. Naturoville offers mediation and yoga retreats along with Ayurveda and naturopathy treatments. Choose it in case you wish to regenerate your energy via these therapies. Yog Niketan Dham is in the very midst of nature. Enjoy vicinity to the Ganga meandering through a valley while you revitalize your mind and the body at this retreat. You can choose from 1-week or 2-weeks’ yoga programs. Opt for Vana for spending time in neutral-colored living quarters set amidst landscaped greenery. Choose yoga sessions and complement them with other wellness therapies available here. Adiyog Foundation offers different types of yoga sessions catered for families, for prenatal requirements, individual sessions, for kids etc. You can partake in this NGO’s various wellness activities while enjoying a blissful holiday.

Options: Spend a day in a Rishikesh yoga retreat and then go deeper into the state for smaller retreats in Dehradun and smaller towns. Or after your yoga holiday in Rishikesh, travel to smaller towns and destinations in beautiful Uttarakhand for an unforgettable India trip. The proximity to the Himalayan ranges and the pious Ganga in her various avatars can in itself be a restorative journey.

Whether you are in India on a relaxing holiday or a busy business trip; there are various options for yoga and wellness retreats in the country. Choose from mini to expansive programs as per your schedule and budget.

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