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COVID-19 & Travel: What You Need to Ask Yourself Before Embarking on Post-Vaccination Travel


The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) amending its ‘do not travel internationally’ recommendation by adding ‘until you are fully vaccinated’ clause is a pass enough for the vaccinated travelers to get started on their travel plans and make up for the lost time. In addition to this, more and more countries are welcoming vaccinated travelers with open arms. Airlines too are backing the idea of ‘post-vaccination travel‘ by introducing special schemes, discounts, and offers on international flight tickets for fully vaccinated travelers.

While this development reassures that normalcy is now nearer, it also demands us to be extremely cautious of the moves that can either lead us to normality or leave us in limbo. So, as a responsible traveler, what is your moral obligation to the places you plan to travel to? Or even before we go as far, is it ethical to travel now? If it is, how do you ensure you do not endanger the locals of the place you are visiting? There are several more questions that you must find sensible answers to before embarking on post-vaccination travel. After all, it’s not just about traveling, but traveling responsibly. Here’s what you need to question yourself before booking flights and jetting off.

The Principles Of Vaccinated Travel


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