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United Airlines New Boarding Process to Make Travel Hassle-Free

United Airlines Making Changes to Boarding Process.
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United Airlines is one of the largest airlines in USA and is said to have served around 144.3 million passengers in 2022. In order to cater to the growing demands of the travelers and make their journey’s more comfortable, the airline frequently improves its services and offerings. And now United Airlines new boarding process will further take passenger experience to another level. 

United Airlines Boarding to Become Faster 

If you are wondering what is the best way to board a plane, United might be working on finding the best way to make boarding easy. United Airlines will make the boarding process simpler and more efficient by the end of October. 

United will add a seventh boarding group by 26th October while also dividing the economy class passengers in four different groups. This will be according to their seats such as window, middle or aisle seats. 

It is also said that there would be no changes in pre boarding or the remaining United boarding groups. So no matter even if you book cheap flights with United Airlines, your boarding process will definitely become more efficient now. 

Passengers without any full-size carry-on bag will be added in the United Airline group six. The United Airlines new boarding process will likely avoid longer waiting times at the airports. Although it is believed that this process will only save around 2 minutes, it will definitely improve passenger experience. 

For now, United Airlines new boarding process has been tested at four domestic outstations and one airline hub successfully. 

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United Boarding Groups

The new United Airlines boarding process will likely be in the following order:

United Airline Group 1: Passengers traveling through United Polaris Business, United Business and United First. People with Premier Premier Platinum, Premier Gold, and Star Alliance Gold are also included in this group.

United Airline Group 2:  Passengers who are Star Alliance Silver, Premier Silver, Chase members. 

United Airlines Group 3: Non-revenue passengers or those assigned exit row seats and window seats. 

United Airlines Group 4: Passengers who are assigned middle seats. 

United Airlines Group 5: Passengers traveling on aisle seats. 

United Airlines Group 6: Travelers having a basic economy ticket on domestic flights and people traveling between the US and the Caribbean. Or even passengers traveling to/from Central America (Panama City and San Salvador excluded). 

United Airlines Preboarding: Unaccompanied minors or passengers with special needs. This also includes global service members, active duty military, Premier 1K members and families having infants. 

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What do you think about the United Airlines new boarding process? Do you think this will make flying with United even more efficient? Share your opinions in the comments below.


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