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5 Handy Tips for Frequent Business Travelers

Frequent Business Travelers
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Traveling for business may appear more glamorous than it is in actuality. Late night flights, changes in time zones, disturbed sleep and eating patterns etc. are what constitutes the life of frequent business travelers for the most part. If you are someone who needs to travel often for work or even on a weekly basis; utilizing practical tips can minimize inconveniences. 

Consider these handy tips for frequent business travelers. 

Make carry-on your friend.

Business trips are usually for short durations. If possible and whenever possible; only pack a carry-on with you. It will be beneficial in two ways. First, you can save time at the airport. Second, you can reduce hassles and stress of packing. For international but shorter trips, you can use a big carry-on as per the permissible weight limit for the airline. If only a carry-on is not feasible then use it to pack all the essential items. 

One of the most useful business travel hacks is to pack essential items you will need for your meeting in the carry-on. This way you won’t need to worry about your luggage getting lost. Essentially; packing only a carry-on can lessen stress for frequent business travelers.

Pack neutrals to minimize clothing requirements. 

One of the best international business travel tips is to pack less. The less you need to worry about your luggage, the better for your own well-being on a business trip. There are numerous things you need to take care of during office trips – presentations, documents, quotes, meetings etc. Minimal packing can be helpful for frequent business travelers. You can start by packing only neutrals for business meetings. A few separates in black, blue, white, beige, and navy can help you mix and match for different meetings on the same or different days. 

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Keep travel kits ready at home. 

One of the best business travel packing tips is to keep kits for toiletries and other essentials ready for your trip. For frequent business travelers, this can be a very practical thing to do. Socks, portable charger, headphones, sleeping masks, sanitizer, essential medication etc. are items you will need for every trip. If you keep kits with these items ready, you can simplify last-minute packing for your business trips. Even if the travel requirement presents itself suddenly, you can quickly pack your bag and head to the airport with already-organized kits. 

Invest in your sleep.

Frequent business travelers are not likely to perform well without adequate rest. You need to be at your best for meetings and negotiations. So, ensure you pack well for your trip and rest as and when possible. Use airport layovers to give your eyes and mind a break. Put on your headphones, eye mask, and go to sleep in the lounge. Yes, but do not forget to arrange for a wake-up call right at the time of your next flight. 

You can also catch a shut eye in flights. If you are on a long-haul flight, change into comfy clothes (if you are not already in one) and go to sleep. You can wear fresh socks and remove your shoes for extra comfort on long flight journeys while you sleep. 

Eat well and on time. 

It is very easy to forget to have proper meals when you are on business flights for one meeting after another. The restaurant food or whatever the client orders can also pay havoc with your digestion and health. So, ensure that you eat well and on time. Use flight time to eat full meals if you have a meeting right after landing. If you are on a long-haul flight then have a snack too. And remember to hydrate well. Keep sipping water throughout the flight. 

Try to pack some dry and healthy snacks such as dried fruits and protein bars with you. Use them as go-to snacks before or after meetings. You can easily eat in cabs or before departure. 

Bonus Tip –

Use a ticket booking company for your flight tickets. 

One of the big hassles for frequent flyers is booking flights. Constantly checking for the best deals and the cheapest airfare can be time-consuming. Frequent business travelers may also need to book last-minute flights on short notices. You can save time and hassles by giving the task to a flight-booking company. But apply caution and choose a reputed company for the job. For instance, if you need to book last-minute flights from Seattle to Hyderabad then choose a company that offers good deals for international flights. Once you have identified a good company, you can rest easy. If you become a loyal customer, you may be able to use the company’s reward programs or special offers too. 

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