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Tips for Flying with a Baby for a Safe and Stress-Free Journey

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Most infants prefer peaceful and quiet places, they often get anxious around crowds or loud sounds. This makes traveling with your babies a little tricky, especially when flying through international flights. But by following the right tips for flying with a baby, you can make sure you have a stress-free journey. 

From timing their naps to using noise-cancellation earphones, you can ensure your little one sleeps undisturbed despite the surroundings. If you are traveling through cheap flights from USA to India, follow these best tips for flying with a baby. 

Opt for Flight Schedules that Match Your Baby’s Sleeping Pattern 

Although nobody can really predict when your little one decides to fall asleep or wake up, you can at least try to match your flight timings with his/her sleeping schedule. This way, you’ll not have any issues during the journey.  

Change Your Baby’s Diaper Before Boarding the Plane

Majority of restrooms at the airport are equipped with changing tables for diapers. One of the best tips on flying with a baby is that you can check and change your baby’s diaper before boarding your flight. Although you might find this facility inside the plane as well, the restrooms inside aircrafts are compact and might make the process difficult. 

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Use Noise-Canceling Headphones

One of the most followed tips for flying with a baby is carrying a noise-canceling headset. This is helpful when your little one dislikes sounds and is awake during the journey. And as takeoff can be loud, having such headphones can be helpful. In case you forget to carry these, most airlines provide noise-cancellation headphones for passengers flying on a first class ticket to India. So, if you are one, you have got nothing to worry about.  

Use a Pacifier or Feed Your Baby During Takeoff or Landing

Feeding your little one during takeoff or landing is one of the most recommended tips for flying with a baby. This might keep them distracted or can make them fall asleep. As there are rapid changes in the pressure during these, it can cause ear pain in your infants. If your child is not hungry, you can instead give them a pacifier. 

Prepare Liquids Prior to Your Flight 

Be it milk, juice or formula, preparing your liquids prior to boarding your flight is one of the top tips for flying with a baby. These are also exempted from TSA’s 3-1-1 rule so you can carry these worry-free. Keeping infant food or drinks ready is also recommended as you can feed your kid whenever gets hungry or starts crying. 

Choose an Aisle Seat 

Some airlines allow you to choose a seat before check-in, so when given an opportunity opt for an aisle seat. As these have more space, you can get up and move around freely whenever your baby starts feeling uneasy. Also, as the restrooms are located closer to aisle seats, you can easily use these in case you need to change the diaper. 

If your airline doesn’t let you select your seat, you can get a business class flight ticket instead. Although you’ll be splurging more, it is all worth your little one’s comfort. If you are thinking about how to find business class flight deals, head to Indian Eagle. It offers you flight tickets to India at an affordable price. 

There are many other tips for flying with a baby like reaching the airport early, traveling with another adult, dressing your baby in layers, carrying the right baby equipment etc. that will make sure your infant’s air travel is relaxed and comfortable. 

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