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5 Exciting Things to do in Goa with Family for a Memorable Vacation

Things to do in Goa with Family
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Goa is primarily known as the party city of India but it is also a premier tourist destination for all. This coastal area has a plethora of activities suited for all kinds of groups from family to friends. The things to do in Goa with family are varied from trekking to milky waterfalls to taking a hot air balloon ride.

This tourist paradise is the perfect place to bond with family and make unforgettable memories. Goa is at its best between the months of November and March as the weather is breezy and cool. These months are the peak season so there are a number of activities and shacks running at this coastal beauty.

Things to do in Goa with Family

Marvel at the Beauty of Dudhsagar Falls

The Dudhsagar waterfall is one of the tallest in Goa falling from a height of 1017 feet. Due to the heavy force of this cascading waterfall, the water looks white giving it the name Dudhsagar which translates to Milk Lake. Pack your essentials and take the family on an adventure as you trek your way to this mesmerizing place.

Although the trek isn’t the easiest, the stunning views are a treat for the eyes. You and your family are sure to have an amazing time. Remember to book a tour of the falls from the official website to ensure you get the right kind of help.

Visit the Immaculate Butterfly Beach

This is one of the off-beat locations in Goa as the beach is secluded and away from the hordes of tourists. It’s an adventure land with thrilling rock climbing activities that you and your family can partake. If you are looking to just relax, this beach provides quiet spots where you can have a picnic and marvel at the sea.

The beach is called Butterfly Beach for obvious reasons as it houses a vast variety of butterflies. It is also known for dolphin sighting, so take a mat and spend an evening at this immaculate beach to see all it has to offer.

Trek to the Top of Chapora Fort

Perched on a hill a few hundred meters away from Vagator Beach is the Chapora Fort that overlooks the Chapora River. It’s a short climb to the top but once you reach you can’t help but be in awe of the beauty laid in front of you. This is one of the best things to do in Goa with family as you get to see jaw dropping views of the Arabian Sea.

Pick an evening to climb up to this fort and witness the sun beautifully melting into the water. The fort was once used as a military base by a number of rulers, the last being the Portuguese. History buffs from all over the world rush to this fort to see what little remains of the past. This is a good place to teach your children about how rulers ruled and why wars were fought.

Touch the Skies on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

In South Goa, there is a football ground called Assolda which is the launch site for hot air balloons. You are taken up 900 feet to get a panoramic view of Goa and its pristine beaches. The ride lasts an hour as you glide through the skies and come close to what a bird sees on a regular basis. The hot air balloon ride is completely safe and a ground crew follows the balloon to ensure it has a safe landing.

If you are looking for a place to stay, there are a number of beach resorts in South Goa that are luxurious and perfect for family vacations.

Learn to Farm at the Tanshikar Spice Farm

This Spice Farm is part of a rest house where you can stay with your family for a wholesome experience. Tanshikar Spice Farm and Ecological Rest House are set up in the middle of the Western Ghats rainforest at Netravali Village. Covering over 40 acres with 25 acres covered in spices, this farm is a nature filled experience.

The plantation is 100% organic without the use of pesticides and instead using ants to get rid of bacteria that could affect the crops. This group is dedicated to providing its guests with the most natural experience possible. There are tours where you can learn about spice farming and the best methods of cooking them. You and your family will have an incredible journey as you learn about nature’s endless wonders.

These are some of the most fun things to do in Goa with family, so make the trip a reality. Now that you are convinced, all you have to do is book tickets for the family. Check out Indian Eagle for the best offers on international air travel.

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