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Know about the Unique Telangana Culture and Tradition

Unique Telangana Culture and Tradition
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Telangana culture and tradition is a lot different than the other Indian states. It existed even before the new state was formed on June 2 in 2014. Hyderabad, the capital of this amazing state is a cultural hub.

When this region was a part of the Hyderabad State, it was called ‘Telinga’ to distinguish the telugu-speaking region from the Marathi-speaking region. Over time, the word telinga changed to Telangana and this is how the 29th state of India got its name. The cultural history of this vibrant state is almost 5,000-year-old. The state has an array of arts, cultures, traditions and religions.

Know more about the traditions, heritage, society, art and culture of Telangana here.

The Diverse Art and Culture of Telangana

Telangana is one of those Indian states that are rich in creative art forms. The Golconda style is one of the most developed art forms in this region. It involves the use of two classic colors, white and gold. The Hyderabad style is another art form that emerged during the 17th century under the Nizam’s rule. It is also called Deccani style and is a lot similar to the Vijayanagara paintings.

Dokra is another art form that involves skilled artisans who use the metal brass to make intricate figurines of gods/goddesses, idols of elephants, horses, and various other animals. The art and culture of Telangana is also strongly influenced by its neighboring states. The Bidri art originating in Bidar, Karnataka is widely used here to make buttons, jewelry boxes, hookahs and many other things.

The Unique Music and Dance Forms of Telangana

The state has the perfect amalgamation of Carnatic and folk music. Kancherlu Gopanna, who is popularly known as Bhakta Ramadasu, was one of the most popular Carnatic music composers. He was also an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. During the Telangana agitation, the folk songs of this region played a very important role. People would listen to these and get motivated to fight with a spirit of unity. You can only gain a firsthand experience of the soulful music of Telangana here. So, why wait? Book cheap last minute flights to Hyderabad and get ready to hear the traditional rhythms.

There are a lot of variations in Telangana culture and tradition when it comes to dance. The men in the region typically perform the ‘Perini Thandavam’, which means ‘dance of warriors. It depicts the dance of warriors in the presence of an idol of Lord Shiva just before heading out for a battle. Bonalu is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in Telangana. The devotees take part in spirited dancing during its procession. Book cheap flights to Hyderabad and experience the vibe and grandeur of this state during your visit.

The Beautiful Languages of Telangana

One of the most unique things about the culture of Telangana is that the people here speak a number of languages. Until 1948, Urdu was the official language of the state. And this is the reason why most of the educated elite individuals living in this region were Urdu-speakers.

Now around 76 per cent of the population speaks Telugu, 12 per cent speak Urdu while the remaining 12 per cent speak an array of other languages.

The popular Hyderabadi dialect or Hyderabadi Hindi, which is a mixture of Urdu and Hindi is also widely spoken in Hyderabad. This is also said to be amongst the most fascinating languages around the world.

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The Different Religions of Telangana State

The most beautiful thing about the culture and traditions of Telangana is the peaceful co-existence of different religions. It is widely believed that Buddhism was the most dominant religion in the state until the 6th century. At present, Hinduism is the most followed religion here, followed by Islam and Christianity. Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Hanuman and Ganapati are the main deities in this region.

The Vugra Narasimha Swamy Temple in Yadagirigutta and the Thousand Pillar Temple at Warangal are the oldest ones in Telangana. Thousands of devotees from all across the country throng these places every year.

The Colorful and Rich Traditional Dresses of Telangana

Telangana is known worldwide for its high-quality cotton production. The women in the state typically wear churidars, langa voni, and saris. Ikat, Pochampally silk, and Gadwal saris are the most used here. But now, young women mostly prefer fusion or western dresses as these are more convenient to wear.

Following Telangana culture and tradition, men in the region wear Pancha or Dhoti on festivals or special occasions. The males here also prefer to wear t-shirts, jeans, blazers etc. Under the Nizam’s rule, Hyderabadi Sherwani was widely worn by nobles. Now it is worn by grooms and guests during weddings around the state.

The Mouth-Watering Telangana Cuisine

If you are not in Telangana, you can book business class flights to Hyderabad and travel here to enjoy the lip-smacking delicacies. It is a mix of different cuisines and offers a wide range of options for the foodies.

Jowar, millet and bajra are widely used in the preparation of the scrumptious Telugu cuisine. The delicious and popular Hyderabadi cuisine was curated during the Qutub Shahi and Nizam rules. Its flavors are widely infused by the Turkish, Mughal, Persian, Telugu and Marathwada cuisines.

You should definitely try Pacchi Pulusu, Sarva Pindi, and Gutti Vankaya curry from the Telugu cuisine and Hyderabadi Biryani, Chicken 65, Baghare Baigan, Mirchi ka Salan and Double ka Meetha from the Hyderabadi cuisine.

The Colorful Festivals of Telangana

As this vibrant state is home to many religions, it also celebrates an array of amazing festivals. Bathukamma, part of the Dussehra festivities, is a unique festival celebrated here. The Hindu women in Telangana widely take part in its preparations. According to the lunar calendar, it falls between September and October. This forms a major part of the Telangana culture and tradition.

Bonalu is also a popular festival, which is celebrated on a large scale. Not just these, even Christmas, Ramadan, Eid, and Easter are observed with equal excitement in Telangana.

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Famous Personalities of Telangana India

Zakir Husain: Former President of India

P.V. Narasimha Rao: Former Prime Minister of India

Sania Mirza: Tennis player

Shabana Azmi: Legendary Bollywood actor

Mohammad Azharuddin: Legendary cricketer

Explore the Telangana Culture and Tradition at these Places

Charminar: The spectacular Charminar is one of the most iconic parts of Telangana culture and tradition. Built in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, a ruler from the Qutb Shahi dynasty, the monument is known for its intricate architecture. You can also visit the popular Laad Bazaar to shop for traditional jewelry as it is nearby.

Birla Temple: Also known as Birla Mandir, this was constructed in 1976 by Swami Ranganathananda of Ramakrishna Mission. It took nearly 10 years to be constructed. The structure is built on a 280 ft high hill, Naubath Pahad. It is visited by thousands of devotees annually.

Falaknuma Palace: Now converted into a 5-star hotel, this spectacular palace speaks volumes about the art and culture of Telangana. The scorpion-shaped structure is known for its distinct Palladian architectural style.

Chowmahalla Palace: The former residence of the Nizams of Hyderabad, this palace displays the luxurious lives the royal family of the region lived. Now converted into a museum, you can find an array of weaponry, paintings, cutlery, sculptures, and various other artifacts on display. A number of cars belonging to the Nizams are also on exhibit here.

Telangana culture and tradition is not only unique but also diverse. The people of this state have been living in harmony since centuries and take pride in its heritage.

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