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Know about the Unique Telangana Culture and Tradition

Telangana culture and tradition

Telangana culture and tradition have fascinated art and history lovers all across the country. The 29th state of India, Telangana is also its youngest (or newest) state. Formed on June 2nd, 2014, the name Telangana is derived from the word ‘trilinga.’ This is because according to legend, the lingams of Hindu deity Shiva are found on the three mountains that line Telangana boundaries – Kaleshwaram, Srisailam, and Draksharamam. A multicultural province, the cultural history of Telangana dates back almost 5,000 years. Popular as the South of North and North of South, Telangana is home to diverse cultures, traditions, arts, and religions.

Keep reading if you wish to know more about the society, culture, heritage, arts and literature of Telangana. Our guide to the intriguing Telangana culture and tradition will tell you all you wish to know about this incredible young Indian state.

Art and Culture of Telangana:

A vault of diverse cultures, Telangana is among the most creative states in India when it comes to culture and arts of Telangana. One of the most famous art forms developed right since the 16th century is the Golconda style. Involving the use of bright gold and a dash a white, this method blends foreign techniques. Another famous form is the Hyderabad style which emerged under the Nizami influence around the 17th century. Dokra is also an amazing art form whereby skilled artisans use brass to make spectacular figurines, idols of gods/goddesses, horses, elephants, and other animals. Originating from Bidar in Karnataka, Bidri art form is also highly prevalent in the state. This art is used to make jewelry boxes, buttons, hookahs, and other items. All these art forms are an incredibly vital part of Telangana culture and tradition.

Music and Dance Forms of Telangana:

Telangana has a perfect mix of folk and Carnatic music. Known popularly as Bhakta Ramadasu, Kancherla Gopanna was among the most famous Carnatic music composers and an ardent Rama devotee during the 17th century. The folk songs of Telangana played a crucial role in the agitation for statehood. Book a couple of cheap last minute flights and come to experience firsthand the fantastic music of Telangana state.

When it comes to music and dance, there is a diverse variation in Telangana culture and tradition. Perini Thandavam is the traditional Telangana dance form name and is generally performed only by menfolk. Meaning the Dance of Warriors, the performance depicts the dance of warriors in the presence of a Shiva idol prior to heading out for battle. There is spirited dancing by devotees during Bonalu, one of the most important festivals of Telangana. A lot of people book cheap flights to Hyderabad to come be a part of this spectacular festival.

Languages of Telangana:

This is among the most important parts of Telangana culture and tradition. Prior to 1948, the official language of Telangana state was Urdu. Owing to this, back then, the educated elite of the state were all Urdu-speakers. Today, approximately 76 percent of people in Telangana state speak Telugu. About 12 percent speak Urdu and the remaining 12 percent speak other languages. Known as Hyderabadi Hindi, an eclectic mix of Hindi and Urdu is also spoken here. The endearing Hyderabadi Hindi is among the most fascinating languages spoken anywhere in the world.

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Religion of Telangana State:

Up until the 6th century, Buddhism was the dominant religion of the region. Currently, the major religions of Telangana are Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity with Hinduism being the most followed religion among these. The main deities of Hinduism are Vishnu, Shiva, Ganapati, and Hanuman. Warangal’s Thousand Pillar Temple and the Vugra Narasimha Swamy Temple at Yadagirigutta are among the oldest shrines in Telangana and attract hordes of people from various parts of India regularly. They form an integral part of Telangana culture and tradition.

Traditional Dress of Telangana

The cotton-producing units of Telangana are famous worldwide. The state is also renowned for its exquisite tie-and-dye techniques. Thereby, the traditional dress of Telangana couples and otherwise is among the most interesting ones ever. Women generally wear saris, churidars, and langa voni. The most famous saris of Telangana culture and tradition include Gadwal Sari, Pochampally Silk Sari, and Ikat Sari. However, many women wear western clothes as well. Traditional dress for men folk in Telangana includes the Dhoti, otherwise known as pancha. In the earlier times, the Nizams and other nobles of Hyderabad preferred to wear Hyderabadi sherwanis. It is usually worn by grooms during wedding ceremonies in Telangana today.

Telangana Cuisine:

One of the most important things you should do when visiting the state on cheap economy or luxurious business class flights is to try the amazing cuisine. A tour of Telangana culture and tradition is incomplete without this vital aspect. Telugu cuisine is dominated by bajra, millet, and jowar. Hyderabadi cuisine was developed by the Nizams and the Qutub Shahi Dynasty. The flavors of this cuisine have been infused by Persian, Telugu, Marathwada, Turkish, and Mughal influences. A mouthwatering mixture of aromatic spices, herbs and other ingredients, must-try Hyderabadi dishes include Biryani, Haleem, Naan Qalia, Kebabs, Keema Samosa, Mirchi ka Salan, Khubani ka Meetha, and Lukhmi among others.

Festivals of Telangana:

With the state being home to so many different religions, Telangana has a myriad variety of exciting festivals celebrated here. Part of Dussehra festivities, Bathukamma is a unique festival in Telangana. According to the lunar calendar, it falls sometime in September/October and is celebrated by Hindu women. Bonalu is another major festival of Telangana culture and tradition. Celebrated on a vast scale, Bonalu is absolutely fascinating to be a part of. So book cheap India tickets from USA or anywhere else in the world for a trip during this time and come to be a part of incredible Bonalu festivities. Other major festivals of Telangana are Ramzan, Muharram, Christmas, and Easter.

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