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Recaro Seats Set to Further Elevate the Air India Premium Economy and Economy Class Experience

Air India Buys 22,000 Economy & Premium Economy Seats For Its Boeing 787s, 777s & Airbus A350s
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When there’s any Air India news, passengers and aviation enthusiasts both get equally excited. Be it procuring new aircraft in its fleet or taking initiatives to further enhance passenger experience, the airline frequently makes headlines. And we can unanimously agree that it’s usually for all the good reasons. After receiving its second Airbus A350 900 in Delhi last week, now it’s likely that the Air India premium economy and economy class experience will further improve with Recaro seats. 

In a strategic move to enhance passenger experience, Air India has entered into a deal with Recaro Aircraft Seating. The renowned German aircraft seat supplier will install 22,000 economy and premium class seats as part of the agreement. This partnership marks a significant step towards modernizing the widebody Air India fleet widebody fleet. It includes the iconic Airbus A350, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787 aircraft.

Air India Premium Economy and Economy Seat Selection and Cabin Enhancement 

The chosen seats for this ambitious initiative include the CL3710 and CL3810 for the economy class, while the Air India premium economy cabin will feature the P3530 seats. Known for their innovative design and passenger-centric features, these seats will redefine travel comfort for Air India passengers.

Over the next five to six years, the 22,000 Recaro seats will be meticulously integrated into the Air India fleet. This will encompass retrofit programs and deliveries of new aircraft. The rollout strategy includes retrofitting 40 Boeing 787 and 777 aircraft in 2024. It will be followed by the installation of the same seats on 12 Airbus A350 and Boeing 787-9 aircraft in 2025.

What are the features of the Air India premium economy Recaro seats? 

Recaro highlighted the exceptional features of the premium economy PL3530 seat. These emphasize unparalleled comfort, functionality, ample storage, and a generous seven inches of recline. This premium offering is set to redefine premium travel for Air India passengers, providing a perfect balance of luxury and practicality.

What are the features of the Air India economy Recaro seats? 

For Air India economy class passengers, the CL3710 and CL3810 seats promise an innovative blend of comfort and aesthetics. The CL3710 features a six-way adjustable headrest with neck support. This will enhance sleeping comfort during long-haul Air India flights. Meanwhile, the CL3810 combines ample legroom, spacious seating, a six-way adjustable headrest along with lumbar support for a modern and comfortable travel experience.

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The collaboration between Air India and Recaro Aircraft Seating reflects a shared commitment to innovation, comfort, and excellence in passenger service. The strategic selection of Recaro seats aligns with Air India’s vision of providing a superior and contemporary travel experience. Not just for the first class or business class passengers but for Air India premium economy and economy class passengers as well. 

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What are your views on Air India partnering with Recaro? Would you want to experience the comfort of the Air India premium economy Recaro seats? Comment below and share your opinions on Air India’s initiative to further enhance passenger experience.

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