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India’s First Reading Lounge at Varanasi Airport is a Delight for Avid Readers

Reading lounge at Varanasi Airport
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Although most people are now opting to watch movies, OTT shows, or even play video games during their time at the airport, there are still some people who are loyal to reading. Waiting at the airport can be boring; so if you are not into shopping, you can spend some time catching up with what you want to read. When traveling to the city, you can spend some time at India’s first reading lounge at Varanasi Airport

A Delight for those Who Enjoy Reading on the Go

India’s first reading lounge in the airport is accessible to passengers traveling to and from Varanasi from May this year. If you are confused about what stuff you should read during your stay at the airport, you can check out an amazing collection of books on Kashi. A vast collection of literature is also available for those interested. 

If you know any other language besides English or Hindi, you’ll be amazed by the books written in countless international languages. Be it books by eminent writers or amateurs, you’ll find nearly everything here. 

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The Idea Behind India’s First Reading Lounge at Varanasi Airport

An autonomous body that comes under the Ministry of Education along with an Indian publishing house and the National Book Trust has collaborated to establish India’s first reading lounge at LBSI Airport. It is also a great place to find out unknown facts about Varanasi, the iconic places in the city, and its literary icons. 

When you search flights to this ancient city, you can start preparing to get amazed by the excellent collection of literary books here. Be it about the vibrant culture of India, its rich history, health, and wellness, or traditional knowledge systems, you’ll find a good read in nearly every category. 

If you are an avid reader, you can visit Varanasi to get first-hand experience of this free reading lounge. So, why wait? Book Indian Eagle flights from USA to Delhi today. Upon reaching the destination, you can book a flight to Varanasi and enjoy this world-class lounge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which has become the first airport in India to have a free reading lounge?

The Varanasi Airport, also known as the Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport is the first airport in India to have a free reading lounge. 

Is there a free lounge at Varanasi Airport?

Yes, there is a free lounge at Varanasi Airport that will feed knowledge to your brain. India’s free reading lounge at Varanasi is a great escape from the crowd and offers free access to its vast collection of books. 

Can I download books on my phone for free at the LBSI airport reading lounge?

Once you get India’s first reading lounge airport access, you can scan a QR code to download a part of the book of your choice. If you are someone who loves listening to audiobooks during your trips, you can also download some using a different QR code in this reading lounge at Varanasi airport. 

Where is the LBSI airport reading lounge located? 

The free reading lounge at Varanasi Airport is located near the entrance of the main lobby at the LBSI Airport.

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