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Everything You Need to Know About Rajiv Gandhi International Airport


Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), also known Shamshabad Airport is among the best airports in India and had been bestowed with many awards and accolades. Last year in 2017, Hyderabad International Airport (RGIA) was ranked at the first place in the 5-15 million passengers per annum category. It is the high quality services and facilities provided by the airport authorities that makes it the third best international airport in the country. RGIA is the first airport to get the Regulatory Approval for Implementation for E-boarding from the BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security).

Here’s everything you should know about the airport facilities including information on the Hyderabad airport porter services.

Hyderabad Airport Facilities

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad is popular for its wide array of facilities and services in various sectors. The efforts for offering best services are not confined to the passengers but smart steps have been initiated for the development of the surrounding environment as well. It has the best landscape with 273 acres of area covered with lush green plant species.

There are 42 immigration counters, 96 check-in counters and 4 additional counters on arrival for visas.

Terminal Facilities

  • Good arrangements of food and beverages for people come to receive passengers in an “Airport Village”, a special area outside the arrivals.
  • Passengers and the one waiting at the arrivals get free WiFi for 45 minutes.
  • Passengers can hire porter services to carry luggage. More on Hyderabad airport porter services below.
  • A customized on-demand entertainment service for the passengers for faster movie downloads with the WiFi hot spots.
  • ATMs and currency exchange counters lined up in the terminal building.
  • Other terminal facilities include, smoking lounge, luxury spas, food outlets, bookstore and a duty free area.

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Airport Facilities

  • The airport has 13 business lounges in the international and domestic areas and 3 VIP lounge in additional for various other services such as rest rooms, refreshments and showers.
  • There’s short-term and long-term car parking facility to accommodate over 3000 cars outside the terminal.
  • Private car rentals and cabs are available right outside the terminal building.
  • There’s Hyderabad airport dormitory facility with AC and Non-AC rooms for the passengers.

Some of the services are discussed in detail below.

Special Assistance

The Hyderabad International Airport (RGIA) commits to offer smooth access to the valuable passengers. You will find array of facilities to assist passengers with special needs and the friendly and responsible staff at the desk and floor are ever ready to serve each passenger for their special needs.

The special assistance services include:

  • Blind and Deaf passengers
  • Passengers with pets
  • Baby Strollers for infants
  • Expectant mothers
  • Mothers with babies in their arms
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Passengers with Intellectual disabilities
  • Senior citizens Passengers with reduced mobility
  • Corpulent passengers
  • Passengers with wheel chairs
  • Reserved chairs for differently abled passengers at every boarding gate.

Hyderabad Airport Porter Services Cost

At RGIA, the porter services are offered at nominal price at both departures and arrivals of domestic and international areas.

  • Domestic / International Departures & Domestic Arrivals :

01 bag to 03 bags: Rs.200 only
04 bags to 06 bags: Rs.400 only
07 bags to 09 bags: Rs.600 only

  • For International Arrivals:

01 bag to 03 bags: Rs.300 only,
04 bags to 06 bags: Rs.600 only,
07 bags to 09 bags: Rs.900 only.

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Baggage Wrap Facility at RGIA

The airport provides baggage wrapping facility to the passengers at Gate 2 entrance and Check-in counters (Row F) prior to baggage claim at Hyderabad Airport. Passengers can have their luggage sealed – suitcase, any carry-on or box baggage and backpack in a tough and tamper proof plastic cover. When travelling to or from Hyderabad, you can have any and every (even outsized items) luggage packed and protected. It would cost a nominal charge of 300INR per bag including taxes. The responsible and dedicated authorities also offer secured baggage storage at Hyderabad airport.

Hyderabad Airport (RGIA)Buggy Services

The Hyderabad International Airport (RGIA) offers free buggy services at the below-mentioned places:

  • Domestic Arrival area
  • Domestic Departure area just after security check
  • International Departure area just after security check

Dormitory facilities at Hyderabad Airport

Passengers can get dormitory and lodging facilities at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) offering both AC and Non-AC options.

AC Dormitory at RGIA

  • 325 for 6 hours of Ac Dormitory
  • 475 for 12 hours of Ac Dormitory
  • 620 for 24 hours of Ac Dormitory

Non-AC Dormitory at RGIA

  • 200 for 6 hours of Non-Ac Dormitory
  • 325 for 12 hours of Non-Ac Dormitory
  • 475 for 24 hours of Non-Ac Dormitory

Deluxe Ac Rooms at RGIA

  • 1400 for 12 hours of Single Ac Room
  • 1850 for 24 hours of Single Ac Room
  • 1750 for 12 hours of Double Ac Room
  • 2250 for 24 hours of Double Ac Room

Standard Ac Rooms at RGIA

  • 1050 for 12 hours of Single Ac Room
  • 1450 for 24 hours of Single Ac Room
  • 1450 for 12 hours of Double Ac Room
  • 1800 for 24 hours of Double Ac Room

Transit Hotel Facility at Hyderabad Airport (RGIA)

Below the Airport Village and opposite the car parking area, a transit hotel “Plaza Premium” is located at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. It is a comfortable place for passengers to spend the layover time before the next flight. The tariff of transit hotel at Hyderabad airport is highly affordable and the passengers get the option of availing services of a broad range of food and beverages. The transit hotel at RGIA consists of 28 rooms with attached shower and Television, 2 business meeting rooms, a lounge area to accommodate over 40 persons, a massage room with 4-seated chairs and a bar open 24X7.

Now, the next time you land or take a flight from RGIA, you will be aware of all the airport facilities from dormitory to porter services in Hyderabad Airport.

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