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Fascinating nicknames of Hyderabad and the reasons behind them!

Nicknames of Hyderabad
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Did you know about the fascinating nicknames of Hyderabad? Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana, in the South of India is a beautiful city where lifestyle is not just updating but also keeping up with the ancient old cultural traditions equally. This is the city that has been recently declared as the best city to live with owing to its IT culture, ethnicity and upgrading lifestyle. But this is not new. Hyderabad has been winning this title for the past 4 years continuously.

This city has developed so much and at such a fast pace that sometimes it is difficult to recollect the days when Hyderabad was nothing but a huge area with nothing much to offer. Education, Political backgrounds, Tourism, Food management, Jobs, Sports, everything is flourishing in Hyderabad. That is why Hyderabad has always been a dear city for many people. Even tourists come from all over the world and visit the vacationing spots here in this city.

For all the reasons mentioned above, this remarkable city has managed to attain many nicknames in the past years. While there are several amazing nicknames of Indian cities, not many of them are as interesting as the ones given to Hyderabad. Many people aren’t aware of the interesting nicknames of Hyderabad and the reasons behind them. Read on to know what they are.


This is among the most popular nicknames of Hyderabad. Hyderabad was actually formed by the Nizam ruler Sultan Quli Qutub Shah nearly 40 decades ago. The city was formed as a base for new developments planned by the ruler and his advisors. Since then, this city has been under the influence of the Nizams. Whatever developments were made, the monuments and mosques constructed and the rules implemented were all under the influence of the Nizams. This city was given birth to, raised, and made to stand with pride solely by the Nizams.

Even after the end of their reign, the city didn’t lose its essence and that is why we still find the royalty and pride of the Nizams in Hyderabad. Be it Charminar, Golconda Fort, the Mosques or even streets with common homes, every place surely has the Nizami effect. That is why this city is given the title of ‘City of Nizams’. This is among the most interesting nicknames of Indian cities.


Pearls are something you will find in abundance in Hyderabad since the city is known for some of the best quality pearls and diamonds. People who come here to shop surely look for pearls and take them in large amounts because it is said that the quality of pearls available in Hyderabad is not found anywhere else in India or even the world! No wonder one of the nicknames of Hyderabad is The City of Pearls!

If you wish to purchase the finest quality of pearls in Hyderabad, we suggest you move straight to Lad Bazaar near Charminar. Begum Bazaar or Sultan Bazaar are good options as well. These places have some of the best traders of pearls for centuries and that is why you get to see a lot of crowds. When it comes to tourists, you will find these markets flooded with them most of the times. People book cheap flights to Hyderabad and come here to buy these valuable items. The best part about Hyderabad’s pearl markets is that you can even find raw, unrefined pearls here. So purchase them as per your own desire and requirement. Along with the many other nicknames of Hyderabad, the city well-deserves this one as well.


Biryani! Whoever hasn’t tasted this dish has to taste it at least once in their lifetime! Biryani is the signature dish of Hyderabad made with rice, spice-flakes, and meat. Meat usually involves mutton or chicken but you will also find Biryani made with prawns and fish as well since there is always a scope for innovations and inventions.

The best one to taste without fail is the Gosht ki Biryani that is always available at almost every biryani center. This is the mutton Biryani that tastes heavenly and is also known to be one of the most famous dishes in Hyderabad. Since Hyderabad is the only city that makes biryani in the original authentic way, this city has earned the title of ‘World capital of Biryani’. Among the most interesting nicknames of Indian cities, this title is also one of the best and well-deserved nicknames of Hyderabad.

So if you ever get the chance of booking your tickets to India, make sure to mark Rajiv Gandhi International Airport as your destination so that you don’t miss out on this fantastic South Indian city that offers so much with the best in everything. Indian Eagle is always here to help you out with the best offers and deals so that you can make a number of trips within various budgets. Visit Hyderabad and explore its culture, food, and other attractions. See for yourself the amazing reasons behind the many fascinating nicknames of Hyderabad and why the city deserves each of them!

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