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Luxury Travel in Mumbai: Reduce Expenses in the Largest Indian City


Mumbai is the biggest city in India with 21.6 million residents. It is a fully-fledged metropolitan city, highly developed, and connected domestically and to the rest of the country. Its location also demands this. When you speak of Mumbai, amazing street food comes to mind and your mouth would water just with the thought of it! 

But every heavenly place comes with a price; Mumbai is no exception: The cost of living here is very high. Planning to visit Mumbai? Do not get discouraged, for there are many ways to spend a vacation in this city with less spending. Here are some of the cheapest ways of luxury travel in Mumbai

Choose the Right Hotel

There are a lot of five-star hotels in Mumbai, but you should do some research and telephoning to see which of them is cheaper. This is one of the ways to reduce your spending in a place like Mumbai. The Taj Mahal and The Oberoi, for example, are the most expensive hotels in the city, whereas Four Seasons and Soho House are cheaper. Book Indian Eagle tickets now to book flights to Mumbai! 

Avoid Hotel Dining

While touring, do some research about the prices of the restaurants near the tourist sites you are visiting. But if you do not want to eat on the street and want to sit at a comfortable table and chair, you should try out such affordable and least expensive hotels such as Soam, The Bombay Canteen, and Swati Snacks. 

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Visit the Local Spa

The word ‘spa’ may be new to the Indian language, but the concept had been existing as early as 3,000 years ago, with the development of Ayurveda and massaging. You should consider trying them. But ensure that you are not spending an exorbitant amount of money by taking a luxury hotel spa treatment. Instead, get one with a local spa center. This adds for the best luxury travel in Mumbai

Nightlife Luxury Hotels

Locals regularly visit local luxury bars at night and you should, too. The perk here is that you will not be paying an exorbitant amount of money as you would when you go to a luxury bar in the day. Such popular clubs and bars include InterContinental, Aer, and the Harbour Bar. But make sure to order locally made wines and not foreign liquor; due to the high cost of trade, foreign liquors will have skyrocketing prices—you will be paying four times as much as you would in the United States. Book Indian Eagle flights now for great booking deals! 

Get a Personal Shopper

It might seem the opposite of saving expenses when you are advised to hire a personal shopper. But you will be glad you did when you do; for, these personal shoppers know their way around the shops of Mumbai and get you the best clothing at the best prices. So, you will actually end up spending very less on your shopping in Mumbai. Hiring personal shoppers is not as expensive as you might think. 

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Travel Like a Local

There are three ways of traveling in Mumbai: get a taxi, ride the local metro, or ride the bus. The best way you should consider is either getting an auto rickshaw or booking your travel cab in advance via your travel company. It will end up being a very small expense and you will be able to get around the maze that is Mumbai rather easily, without much hassle. 

Travel Affordably

It is thought that traveling from USA to Mumbai is very expensive, but in reality, that has never been the case. Not always. There are many airlines that offer affordable flights from USA to Mumbai, especially those with connectivity through areas like Europe and Middle East. 

These are some of the best ways for cheap luxury travel in Mumbai. Book Indian Eagle today to get your USA to Mumbai flight now! 


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