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Latest Updates about Noida International Airport


Noida International AirportIf you frequently fly to Delhi or visit the NCR region often, soon you will have another world-class airport to land in and it will be in Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar district.

Yes, Noida International Airport or Jewar Airport (because it is in the town of Jewar) will soon be operational. Noida is in the state of Uttar Pradesh. But it comes under the NCR region. NCR or the National Capital Region is the hub of industries and corporate houses. Here are the latest updates about Noida International Airport.

About the Runways at Noida International Airport

Noida International Airport will have two runways by 2024 and the plan is to build four more in the future. It is built to be the largest airport in India. So, the proposed plan includes infrastructure to handle 120 million passengers per annum. But to start with, it will handle five million passengers yearly. This is as per the updates about Noida International Airport.

Once the six runways are complete, it will also be largest airport in Asia and also the 4th largest in the world (as per the current estimates). As of now, IGIA at Delhi has the maximum number of runways in India; a total of four. The eventual plan for the airport in Jewar is for eight runways. Noida International Airport is also planned as a sustainable airport with net-zero emissions.

Other Updates

Noida International Airport will have tech for contactless processes. Some of the tech you can expect at the airport will be identity management, indoor geo-location, flow management etc. The security checkpoints will be biometric-based and offer seamless passenger experience.

The new airport at Jewar will be well-connected with metro, railways, and a world-class infrastructure of roads. The airport will have a large courtyard – a meeting place for passengers.

Noida International Airport is developed via PPP (public-private partnership). One of the partners is Flughafen Zürich AG, the operator of Zurich Airport. So, expect world-class facilities at this new small-town airport in India.

As per the latest updates about Noida International Airport, the excavation work at the site has begun and soon the construction work will be in full swing. Once completed, Noida International Airport will be able to take some load off the Delhi Airport. It will also offer convenience to people who need to arrive at Noida or other nearby cities from international locations. Now, instead of booking tickets for Delhi, passengers can book flights for Noida. For now, you can book flights to Delhi via Indian Eagle.


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