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Follow 5 Top Tips to Travel Responsibly in Ladakh

Travel Responsibly in Ladakh
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There are a couple of fantastic tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh, one of the most remote albeit stunning places to visit in India. The cold region is among the most picturesque places to explore in the world. Fondly referred to as the Land of the High Passes, Ladakh is a paradise for trekkers and nature lovers. The region is flooded with tourist during peaks season and the numbers just seem to increase with each passing year! But why do we need tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh, you may ask? Keep reading to know the answer.

Why do we need to travel responsibly in Ladakh?

There is desperate need for tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh. A spectacularly beautiful region, it is safe to say Ladakh is well possibly a victim of its own stunning beauty. What once used to be a paradise for trekkers is now a hit with tourists who wish to be ‘driven’ through famous attractions. Most travelers don’t want to experience the remarkable region firsthand. All they want is to get down from their private cars for a couple of minutes and click a few instagrammable photos.

Needless to mention the rough, natural, and scenic terrains of Ladakh are not made for car travel. We can safely say that the car-bound influx of tourists does not leave the region better than they find it. See why we need tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh?

Top Leh Ladakh travel tips to follow:

There are a few simple but important tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh. Use them even if flying down on last minute flights for an unplanned trip. If you’re a solo woman traveler on her first trip to Ladakh, you could join some of the best women’s travel groups in India. They will give you confidence to make the next trip on your own. You can ask some of the travel agents in Leh about these groups and they will point you in the right direction. Check out the best tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh and endeavor to leave the stunning region better than you found it.

  1. There’s no need to buy bottled water in Ladakh

This is among the topmost tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh. The filtered water in Ladakh is completely safe to drink and you need not invest in bottled water. Most of the hotels, guesthouses and other accommodation facilities will have this. If your accommodation doesn’t have this, you can fill up at Dhoomsa and a few other places across town for a mere INR 5-7 per liter. Alternatively, you could invest in a Life Straw, purification tablets, and other such water purification methods.

  1. Pick eco-friendly accommodations

Try staying at accommodations that are eco-friendly and dedicated to conserving the region when arriving on business class flights for a trip. There are several homestays, guesthouses, and even some hotels that do this. Check with them before finalizing your stay. Also, water shortage is among the bigger issues in Ladakh. One of the top tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh is to help conserve water. A large percentage of Ladakh’s water comes from glacier melt and a lot of it needs to be conserved for winter use. So try not to waste any of it when touring Leh Ladakh.

  1. Trek whenever possible

DO NOT spoil the region by taking your car all over it! Among the top tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh is to avoid this very thing. Trekking was once the main reason people flocked to Ladakh. Sadly, it’s not so these days. However, it still remains one of the best ways to see this stunning region. You will also be conserving the environment by staying on paths dedicated to this and unspoiled by vehicles. Besides that, hiring a guide should also be on the list. It’s a major source of employment to the Ladakhis and you’ll be contributing to it.

  1. Share transport

This is among the best tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh and keep cars to a minimum. You can ask the travel agents in Leh Ladakh about sharing cabs that run service from Leh to most of the villages. If you can adjust with a couple of bumps, this is the most economical and eco-friendly way to travel around in Ladakh. Women travelers can hit up their Ladakhi women’s travel company for this. While the travel agencies may try to discourage you (because it means they’ll be paid less), stand your ground and do the right thing. It’s a major step in learning how to be a responsible traveler.

  1. Buy gifts and souvenirs from the source if possible

One of the top tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh is to encourage the revenue generation in the region. One way to do this is to buy souvenirs and gift items directly from the source whenever possible. For instance, if you come across a bunch of women selling handmade items, it’s a good idea to buy from them. This way, the money goes directly to them instead of middlemen selling their goods at gift shops. Thereby, hold off on exploring gift shops across Leh and try buying souvenirs this way instead.

Ensure to follow all the above-listed tips to travel responsibly in Ladakh when you visit the stunning region. Keep them in mind when you book cheap India tickets from USA or elsewhere in the world for a Leh Ladakh trip. These simple yet effective Leh Ladakh travel tips will ensure you do not damage the spectacular place when you visit. Spread these tips and travel responsibly like never before!

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