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Check Out these Indian Destinations that Resemble International Dream Locations

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Almost everybody dreams of visiting a different country so they can witness the distinct landscapes of that place. Be it Switzerland or Iceland, what if we tell you, you can visit places with similar views right here in India. Sounds like a dream, right? There are a lot of Indian Destinations that resemble many foreign locations and we have listed down a few below. 

Chitrakote Falls – The Niagara Falls of India

Located in Chattisgarh, Chitrakote Falls are often called the ‘Niagara Falls’ of India. It is actually a smaller version of the mighty Falls in Canada. The Chitrakote Falls are 100 ft in height, while the Niagara Fall is 176 ft. When the water gushes down at full speed, it is a sight to behold for most people. You can visit this place between the months of July and October to watch the waterfall in all its glory post the monsoon season.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands – The Phi Phi Islands of India 

Do you dream of visiting beautiful Thailand but are unable to do it for some reason or another? If yes, then plan a trip to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. These have almost similar landscapes to the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. With an array of adventurous activities like scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling etc. it is a heaven for adventure enthusiasts. 

Alappuzha – The Venice of India

There’s a little Venice in God’s Own Country, Kerala. Alappuzha is known as the ‘Venice of the East’ or ‘Venice of India’. It has scenic lagoons and a canal with breathtaking views and is a popular Indian tourist destination. It’s a perfect choice for a family wanting to spend some quality time together. You can relish the mouth-watering seafood in the region and enjoy the backwater rides this small town has to offer. 

Khajjiar – The Switzerland of India

Most people grow up with a dream of visiting Switzerland. Do you know we have one in India? Yes, Khajjiar in Himachal Pradesh is known as the Switzerland of India. It has equally stunning landscapes like the European heaven. Even the topography of this region has a little resemblance to that of Switzerland. Maybe this is the reason it is popular among tourists as this town attracts thousands of visitors annually. This is also known as one of the best international tourist spots in India.

Coorg – The Scotland of India

Coorg is often referred to as the Scotland of India. It has a stunning lush green landscape that is soothing to the eyes. This little town attracts lakhs of tourists every year. It is also the largest producer of coffee in India. Best to avoid visiting Coorg during the monsoon season, which is from June to September. This is because it is one of the places that receives maximum rainfall in India. So, the ideal time to visit this beautiful town is between October and May. 

There are numerous other Indian destinations that look like their international counterparts. Have you been to any of the places mentioned above? If not, plan a trip to one of the locations soon! 

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