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Tips on How to Book a Flight with a Long Stop Over When Traveling from USA to India

How to book a flight with a long stop over
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Often people prefer a direct flight when traveling from the USA to India but not all routes have a direct connection. However, if you plan right, you can make the most of your connecting flights. Having a long layover before you reach your destination is a great way to explore new places without spending too much. If you are considering visiting a different city, continue reading to find practical tips on how to book a flight with a long stop over.

How to Book Flights with Long Layovers?

There are many tried and tested ways that can ensure you get to explore a new place while traveling to another destination. If you are wondering how to find flights with layovers in certain cities, follow these tips. 

Look for Airlines Offering Free Stopovers

One of the best tips on how to book a flight with a long stop over is opting for airlines that provide free stopovers in their hub cities. This allows passengers to spend a day or two and sometimes even more exploring the city at no extra cost. Top carriers like Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Turkish Airlines are known for providing such options. If you are booking Indian Eagle tickets, you can contact the customer support team and understand how to book layover flights with these airlines. 

Use Multi-City Search Tools

Wondering how do i book a flight with a long layover? Just use multi-city search tools. When booking your flight from USA to India, you can use the multi-city search tool at Indian Eagle.com. This amazing feature allows you to add a stopover to your itinerary easily. For instance, instead of booking a direct flight from New York to Mumbai, you can book New York to Doha, with a stopover in Doha. You can later travel from Doha to Mumbai. This way, you can ensure that your stopover is long enough so you can explore the city of Doha.

Check Visa Requirements

Before you go ahead and book a long stopover, check the visa requirements for the country where you plan to stop. There are some countries that offer visa-free entry or transit visas for short durations. This makes it easier for you to leave the airport and explore the city. But before this, ensure you have all the necessary documents and understand the visa policies to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Plan Your Activities in Advance

Like previously mentioned, having a long stopover can be an exciting opportunity to see a new place. But it’s also important to plan your activities in advance. You can start by researching the local cuisine, top attractions, and cultural experiences available in the city. Then make a list of places you want to visit and plan your route to make the most of your time. You can alternatively, also consider booking tours or experiences that fit within your stopover duration.

Book Airport Hotels

If you are wondering how to book long layover flights when you just have a stopover of a few hours, you can opt to stay at airport hotels. In case your stopover is overnight, booking an airport hotel is a smart choice. Many major airports have hotels either within the international terminal or nearby with shuttle services. If you plan in advance, you can explore attractions near the airport or spend time checking out the duty free shopping places. Additionally, staying at an airport hotel can save you time and provide a comfortable place to rest. The best thing is, some hotels offer day-use rates. This can be ideal if you need a place to freshen up and relax for a few hours.

Travel Light

Although this won’t be of help when booking flights, traveling light is recommended so you can have seamless connections. When planning a long stopover, you must travel light to make it easier to move around the city. You can also check the baggage policies of the airline and see if they offer any baggage storage services at the airport. This way, you can leave your heavy bags at the airport and only carry a small backpack with essentials while you explore the stopover city.

Consider Layover Tours

Many airports provide layover tours specifically designed for travelers with long stopovers. If you are wondering how do you book a flight with a long layover, you can consider such tours. These tours at times include transportation and visits to major attractions. This will offer a convenient way to see the city without the hassle of planning everything yourself. Check if any tours are available at your stopover destination so you can book in advance to secure your spot.

Now that you have a rough idea of how to book a flight with a long stop over, you can start planning your USA to India trip accordingly. Remember this can work only if you plan your travel in advance. Booking a long layover flight isn’t recommended if you are making spontaneous plans as you may find difficulty in getting hotel reservations. No matter which city you choose to have a stopover, when planned right, your trip is going to be nothing less than exciting!

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