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Check Out These Forts in India for a Glimpse of the Bygone Era


Mighty and magnificent, the forts of India are among the country’s top tourist attractions. As snippets of the regal past of this ancient land steeped in history and culture, the countless forts in India attract hordes of travelers, especially history buffs and architecture enthusiasts. These historical monuments whisper tales of both glorious and gloomy times in the rich history of Bharat.

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Some of these beautiful forts are well-protected while others are in ruins, but all of them are awe-inspiring nonetheless. In fact, most of these forts carry the prestigious ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ tag owing to their massive historical, cultural, and architectural significance. So, exploring these ancient forts is one of the must-do things for travelers flying over to India. Also, make a point to stay back to watch the light and sound show hosted at the famous forts, usually at dusk. Bringing history to life, this show is simply a visual spectacle!

Fascinating Forts of India


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