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Different Cuisines and Food in Houston that You Must Try During Your Visit


Food in HoustonGo beyond the usual tacos and relish the exotic cuisine in Houston. Food in Houston has genuinely evolved. The reason behind this rapid evolution is the diverse population. The immigrants arrived in Houston in search of greener pastures, and to build their careers. However, they also brought with them their culture and cuisine. Houston is home to the largest Vietnamese population and there is also a huge diaspora of Indians, Chinese, and Filipino.

“Diversity is the Spice of Life”

The above quote is true for Houston, the city boasts of a multicultural population from 100 nations speaking 145 languages. If the diverse population can maintain their original dialect, then why not the culinary. There is no second guess that the diverse population must have maintained the authenticity of the dishes.

Apart from relishing gastronomy Houston boasts amazing tourist attractions such as museums, space centres, and enthralling skydiving. So, if you are a foodie planning to try delicacies at a new place, take advantage of Indian Eagle’s cheap flights to Houston and travel on a budget.  

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Must-Try Cuisines in Houston

Louisiana Creole Cuisine

The style of cooking originated in Louisiana. However, it was enriched by the myriad flavors emanated from Spanish, French, Western African, and Native American. The distinct flavor of the dishes in this cuisine is the result of the Creole cooking method. This includes grilling, baking, boiling, deep frying, and braising. Enjoy flavourful appetizers like Oysters Bienville, and Shrimp remoulade. Savor the delectable Turtle soup for starters, and Chicken Creole or Creole Chicken Fricassée for the main course. If authenticity is the parameter, then Louisiana Creole Cuisine is the best food in Houston that you must try.   

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Tex Mex Cuisine


You can deduce from the name itself. It is a mix of Texan & Mexican cuisines. Add spice to your taste and revel in the aroma of Tex-Mex dishes. Savour the meaty diet (which includes meat & beans), and the flavor of cheddar cheese. Meat, cheese, and spices are major ingredients of Tex-Mex gastronomy. Not just in the US but the fragrance of Tex-Mex food has spread throughout the world. It is quite popular in Spain, the UK, Argentina, India, and other Nordic countries. There is certainly a universal appeal to Tex-Mex cuisine. Famous Tex-Mex dishes are Burritos, Tortilla, fajitas, and Queso.

Mediterranean Cuisine 

Certainly, the best food in Houston, also there is worldwide popularity and demand for Mediterranean dishes. Most Mediterranean gastronomy is renowned for its taste, fragrance, and nutrition. Perhaps the reason behind the longevity of people living in the Mediterranean region is because of their diet.

Mediterranean food is not all about meat, there are plenty of green vegetables. Even the most hardcore vegetarian can relish Mediterranean dishes. For instance, hummus is a must-try food in Houston. It is prepared with chickpeas, olive oil, and lemon juice. Enjoy the dish with homemade pita bread, and in every bite feel the rich aroma.

Vietnamese Cuisine

How can you resist the temptation of Vietnamese dishes?

You will absolutely love the oriental taste. The opening of Vietnamese restaurants started the culture of seafood serving in Houston. “You buy, we fry,” became the catchphrase of Vietnamese Americans.

The uniqueness associated with every Vietnamese dish is its rich ingredients like ginger, lemongrass, lime, coriander, and Thai basil. Try out the meat dishes marinated with fish sauce, herbs, shrimp paste, bean sauce fish sauce, herbs, shrimp paste, and bean sauce. If you are a seafood enthusiast then you cannot resist the Vietnamese gastronomical delights.

Pho is the signature Vietnamese dish that is quite popular in USA. The aromatic beef soup gets its rich flavour from jalapenos, lime, basils, onions, and anise. This delicacy rejuvenates and it is relishable.

Must-Try Dishes in Houston

Viet Cajun Crawfish

What do you do when you buy crawfish?

Hand it over to Vietnamese cooks and they will prepare a mouth-watering Viet Cajun crawfish dish. It is regarded as one of the best dishes in Houston. They give a traditional touch to this exotic dish. It is prepared by blending flavors of garlic, basil, lemongrass, ginger, and cayenne pepper in crawfish, and spreading butter to enrich the taste. A plate of fried rice is an excellent add-on and would make a sumptuous meal.

Pecan Pie

Saving the best for the last. Make your life sweeter and enjoy the toothsome Pecan Pie, a popular dessert in Houston. It is a special delicacy usually served on Thanksgiving Day.  The crispy, crusty sugared taste is created by butter, eggs, brown sugar, cane syrup, and molasses, blended with pecan nuts. The heavenly taste is simply irresistible.

Relish the innumerable flavors of food in Houston, Texas, and explore the diverse taste of various cuisine brought by immigrants to the USA. Comment below and let us know which of the cuisines or dishes mentioned above would you love to try.


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