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COVID Travel Update: India Lifts Random Testing for International Travellers

COVID travel update for international passengers
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In a significant move towards safer international travel, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has announced the relaxation of COVID-19 guidelines for inbound travelers. These were effective from July 20. The updated guidelines aim to make travel to India smoother and hassle-free, while ensuring the utmost safety for both passengers and the community.

Under the new COVID travel update for international passengers, India has made it even easier for international travelers to visit the country by dropping the requirement for random 2% RT-PCR testing on entry. This decision comes in response to the global decline in COVID-19 cases, providing a sense of relief for those eagerly waiting to meet their loved ones.

The Ministry advises travelers to be fully vaccinated as per their home country’s approved schedule, prioritizing safety for all.

In-flight Precautions

Safety measures will continue to be diligently followed in flights and during travel. In-flight announcements will inform passengers about the necessary precautionary measures. This will ensure that everyone remains informed and vigilant during their journey.

The airline’s staff will promptly attend to any passenger exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms during travel, following the standard protocol. They will isolate the passenger, require them to wear a mask, and keep them separate from other passengers during the flight. After landing, the staff will shift the passenger to an isolation facility for further medical attention.

Upon arrival, passengers can expect a continuation of the safety protocols. Airlines have been directed to maintain physical distance during de-boarding. Health officials will conduct thermal screenings at all points of entry to swiftly identify any potential cases.

Indian health authorities actively encourage travelers to take responsibility for their health even after their arrival in India. Travelers should self-monitor their health and seek medical assistance immediately for any COVID-19 symptoms. For thorough information, the revised guidelines are available on the official website of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 

With this new COVID travel update, you can now travel to India with more convenience and assurance, as the nation takes measured steps to welcome international travelers while safeguarding its citizens and visitors alike. Let’s embrace safer travel together!

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