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Top Christmas getaways in India

christmas getaways in india
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The last week of December is quite an exciting one because around that time we get to celebrate two of the world’s most celebrated festivals-Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Christmas as we all know commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and is celebrated annually throughout the world with a lot of grandeur on the 25th of December. Although there aren’t many practicing Christians in India, you can find a considerable amount of them in select places like Goa, Mumbai, Pondicherry and Kerala. Check out our list of top Christmas getaways in India for experiencing Christmas in the Indian way.

What do Indians do for Christmas?

Christmas is a time for joy and merry making in India just like anywhere else in the world. Carol singing, dancing, partying, presenting gifts and homes decked up in bright displays of lights is quite a common sight to witness during the festive season of Christmas. Indian people have their own distinct way of celebrating this world famous festival and often this varies with the regions and the ethno-linguistic groups inhabiting the places. For instance, somewhere deep down south of India in the village of Velankanni in the town of Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu at the Church of Velankanni, it is common for the local Christians to make offerings of coconuts and flowers to their God Jesus in a traditional Hindu way. Read on to find out how this festival is celebrated across India’s diversified regions.

Places to visit in india during christmas


The city of Goa is home to a considerable amount of Roman Catholics who take pride in their Goan culture that is strongly influenced by the Portuguese who once colonized this city. Goa is well-known for its pretty beaches, thriving nightlife, local cuisine and for most people it is a place where there is a fusion of both western and eastern cultures. The peak season for tourism in Goa is December and flights and accommodations are going to reach an all-time high, so plan your travel itineraries to Goa well in advance so that you will not end up paying heavily for the flights. Indian Eagle is your gateway for finding cheap flights to India.

In December, Goa gets heavily crowded with both locals and foreign tourists alike. The must-do in Goa during Christmas is attending the midnight mass at the iconic Basilica of Bom Jesus, a popular Baroque-style church in Goa. One can find the church decorated in bright lights and poinsettia flowers around the festive season of Christmas. Don’t forget to taste the local Goan Christmas delicacy Bebinca, a popular Christmas dessert which can be had at Goa’s top restaurants.


Pondicherry is a quaint little Union Territory in South India, commonly referred to as “Little France” because of its French lineage. Pondicherry is one of the best places to visit during Christmas in India, boasts of a considerable amount of Christians and is well-known for its remarkable beaches, French cuisine and French architectural buildings. The must-do during your Christmas getaway in Pondicherry is visiting the Church of our Lady of Immaculate Conception. No Christmas is complete without sipping some wine, so make sure you sample some of the best wines during your stay in Pondicherry.


If you are looking for a luxury Christmas getaway in India, you must visit Mumbai to get amazed by its people and the local Christmas celebrations. Have your cheap business class flights to Mumbai booked with Indian Eagle right away.

Mumbai being a very cosmopolitan city celebrates Christmas with great fervor. Most luxury hotels are decked up with tall figurines of Santa Claus and the usual Christmas décor, including wreaths, stars and flowers. For a one-of-a-kind Christmas in Mumbai, we recommend the suburb of Bandra that is inhabited with a lot of Christians from Mumbai. The must-do in Mumbai is attending the midnight mass at Bandra’s most famous church, Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount. It goes without saying that Christmas delicacies and some quality wine are an essential part of a wonderful Christmas. Pamper your taste buds with popular foods like Christmas Turkey and Christmas cake, found on the menus of most luxury hotels in Mumbai.


Kerala can make a perfect Indian getaway for spending Christmas in the midst of rich coastlines and scenic views of beaches. The slogan for Kerala tourism is “God’s Own Country” and it truly lives up to it, backed by warm sandy beaches with palm trees and turquoise waters, Kerala is undoubtedly our best pick among the top Christmas getaways in India. Places like Kochi, Trivandrum, Kovalam and Alleppey are popular destinations in Kerala for celebrating Christmas. During the festive season it’s quite common to see young teenagers perform carol singing at most Churches and Santa Clauses presenting gifts to the local people in the neighborhood. Don’t miss out on the local Christmas vibe of Kerala, just make sure you get to taste the exotic Christmas delicacies including cupcakes and delicious Christmas cakes baked for the occasion of Christmas.

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