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Nov 27: Busiest Day at US Airports Post COVID Pandemic with 2.56 M Screenings


Sunday, i.e, 27th November was the busiest day at US airports after the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, a record 2.56 million passengers were screened at various airports across the country. Although this number is less compared to 2.88 million people screened on the same day in the year 2019

Busiest Day at US Airports_2.56 Million Passengers Screened
Source: Reuters

Airlines have carried approximately 22.2 million passengers across US between November 18 and 27. This is also around 5.5% less than 23.5 million during the same period three years back. 

This Sunday, more than 7,000 flights were delayed across majority of the airports in USA. The delays were due to storms and unfavorable weather conditions across different regions in the country. Although things were chaotic, there was no cancellation mayhem like last year and only 177 flights were canceled as opposed to thousands of flights in 2021. Since people were returning after Thanksgiving, these delays caused dissatisfaction among fliers and drew a lot of criticism. 

There has been an increase in travel during the holiday season and this also includes work and leisure trips. Airlines such as Delta, American, United, and Southwest also pointed out that holiday travel is now more spread out with people’s travel habits changing. 

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