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Top Attractions in Philadelphia for Outdoor Activities

Attractions in Philadelphia for Outdoor Activities
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Philadelphia is one of the best cities to live in the USA. It has everything from world-class universities, premier research centers, well-established neighborhoods, amazing restaurants, and attractions such as museums, historical places, river fronts, and parks. In fact, Philadelphia offers many avenues for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking etc. If you are looking for the top attractions in Philadelphia for outdoor activities then consider the options mentioned in this article. 

For Kayaking and Hiking

You can plan a number of day trips near Philadelphia to thoroughly enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking and hiking.  

If you are not keen to venture outside the city for a spot of kayaking then Schuylkill River is the place for you. You can access it easily from various parts of the city. As you kayak your way through the river; you will find plenty to see such as the city’s skyline, waterfront areas, and the Philadelphia Art Museum. This is a good way to see the city via a different vantage point. 

For hiking in Philadelphia, you will need to venture a little out of the city limits. Wissahickon Valley Park is your option for one of the best hikes in Philadelphia. There are several trails here and you can choose one as per the intensity level and distance. Forbidden Drive, Blue Bell, and Andorra Meadow are some easy trails here. The park is spread over 200 acres with miles and miles of trails; each offering a different scenery. 

For Walking and Biking

Philadelphia is one of the best cities for self-guided tours. You can simply walk around city neighborhoods to discover Philly’s hidden gems and not-so-hidden attractions such as cafés, cozy restaurants, mural art, and indie boutiques. 

You can also walk in one of many parks in Philadelphia such as the Fairmount Park, Clark Park, Washington Square, Dilworth Park, and more. There are many parks and arboreta in and around Philly, which are easily accessible anytime you feel like some outdoor fun or simply to walk amidst nature. 

Philly is a city, which is bike-friendly. There are many paths in the city, which are ideal for biking. Some popular bike lanes in Philadelphia are Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Spring Garden Street (along the route between Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Delaware Avenue), 5th Street and 6th Street (the path between Chestnut Street and Spring Garden Street) etc. 

Walk around Philadelphia neighborhoods to familiarize yourself with their intricacies. Perhaps you will find a quirky café or that vantage clothing store you have been looking for all across the city. 

Walking and biking in Philadelphia are also perfect to come face-to-face with murals and art across the city. 

Philadelphia has numerous parks, which are ideal for walking, jogging, family outings, and plain old relaxation amidst nature. Fairmount Park offers more than 2000 acres of green space abundant in beautiful trails, public art, sculptures, and flora to soothe tired nerves. If you don’t mind driving a little out of city limits then head to Longwood Gardens; one of the best attractions near Philadelphia

For Sightseeing and Relaxing

If you live in Philly, you are likely to visit the Delaware River Waterfront irrespective of the season. Cherry Street Pier, Race Street Pier, Spruce Street Harbor Park, and Blue Cross RiverRink are the places here for pop-up markets, art installations, food, drinks, and just to sit and watch the beautiful Philly skyline. These outdoor attractions in Philadelphia are oh-so-deliciously ideal for spending time with family, friends, and a fun night out with your partner. 

Boathouse Row is one of the best attractions in Philadelphia. It is on Schuylkill River’s East Bank and a sight to behold at night. All 15 boathouses have their own distinct history. Walk along the bank to see light reflecting off the boathouses after your evening run or over a weekend night to simply relax by the waters. 

Museums in Philadelphia are worth a visit due to their historical significance. Philadelphia Museum of Art displays some of the best art collections in the world. Franklin Institute, one of the best museums in Philadelphia, is a renowned center for science and technology. 

Sightseeing in Philadelphia is not complete without visiting its historical sites. Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, President’s House, Betsy Ross House, and Franklin Square are important attractions in Philadelphia. These speak of history and United States’ founding and past. 

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What are the best parks in Philadelphia? 

Philadelphia is also known as ‘America’s Garden City’ due to the concentration of parks and arboreta in a small radius of 30 km. Some of the best parks in Philadelphia are –

  • Fairmount Park
  • Washington Square
  • Franklin Square
  • Dilworth Park
  • Clark Park 
  • FDR Park
  • Morris Arboretum

What are the best places for outdoor events and activities in Philadelphia? 

Boathouse Row, Delaware River Waterfront, Fairmount Park, Schuylkill River trails, and Wissahickon Valley Park are excellent places for outdoor events and activities. You can explore parks and trails in and around Philadelphia for kayaking, hiking, and simply for walking and relaxing.

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