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Practical Airport Outfit Ideas to Fly in Style and Comfort

Airport Outfit Ideas
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‘Look stylish and feel comfortable’ is the fashion motto of the youth today. Airport outfit is no exception to this. It’s imperative that you opt for a perfect airport outfit for the long-haul journey on flights from USA to India because there’s nothing worse than sitting through an hours-long flight in (sophisticated) discomfort. When it comes to chic and comfortable airport outfit ideas, the options might not be too many, but it is absolutely possible to pull off an airport look that rightly balances both fashion and comfort elements. Here are some of the practical airport outfit ideas to fly in style and comfort.

Dress in Layers:

When you are traveling between different climate zones, dressing in layers is the most practical of all airport outfit ideas. Layered clothing also prepares you for the extreme temperatures in the cabin. A camisole, a soft and warm long-sleeved top, or a versatile shirt are great as the insulating (mid) layer. You could layer it with a cardigan, sweater, a light jacket, or a blazer depending upon the weather conditions at your destination. This outer layer is your savior in a cold cabin, which you could slip off to arrive at a tropical destination in style.

Trousers with Good stretch:

Stretchable pants are your best friends when flying long haul. These cozy pants with pull-up and pull-down flexibility not only elevate your style but also help in adjusting to the temperature change onboard, which may range from freezing cold to sweltering hot. A classic airport outfit idea is to pair your loose tee or plain tank top or layers with cozy and comfortable black pants and you are good to go!

Wear Breathable Fabrics:

Never give up on the comfort factor when deciding on airport outfit ideas. Tight-fitting clothes make things worse during the flight, leaving you gasping for air. So, go for loose garments made of fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle-free.

Don a Scarf:

Layers or one-piece utility jumpsuits, a scarf or stole completes your cool airport outfit. This is the one thing that frequent fliers swear by. The extremely soft and versatile Cashmere scarf is the best (it’s an absolute must-buy from India). You could wrap it around for that extra warmth in a cold cabin. An oversized scarf or shawl also doubles as a travel blanket. Such a multipurpose piece, isn’t it?

Comfy Shoes:

Choosing the right pair of traveling shoes that are comfortable and go well with your airport outfit is indeed a mission. Heels are ultra-stylish but definitely not the most comfortable option (think of all the walking between airport terminals while also lugging your baggage around or sitting in the same posture inside the plane for hours). Slip-ons, slides, flats, ankle boots are more practical than heels, lace-ups, or buckles. If you want, pack a pair of heels in your carry-on so you can change when you land.

Whatever footwear you pick and whatever airport outfit idea you vote for, never forget to wear compression socks. Swelling of legs and deep vein thrombosis are real things on long-haul flights. Compression socks help improve blood circulation to the legs when you are flying at such a great altitude on nonstop flights for hours on end.

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