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Top 10 Airline Baggage Tips to Follow for Hassle-Free Air Travel

Airline Baggage Tips
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Even frequent flyers are sometimes troubled by baggage woes regardless of the number of miles they’ve flown. However, by using some simple but very effective airline baggage tips, travelers can say goodbye to their baggage-related concerns. First, you need to know things like what type of luggage constitutes a carry-on, what is allowed in checked baggage for international flights, what items are prohibited in hand luggage, and more. Whether it is carry-on luggage or checked baggage, abiding by airline baggage rules and regulations will go a long way in ensuring a smooth flight journey. So, always ensure to check the no-fly items list and other baggage rules for international flights. We’ve compiled a brief list of some helpful airline baggage tips you can use on your next journey. Find the list below.

Essential Airline Baggage Tips for Air Travelers to Follow:

While most of us may already know how to find the cheapest possible flights, we’re not sure about how to handle our baggage. Follow these simple airline baggage tips listed below for smoother flight travel henceforth. These are good tips to follow even if booking last minute flights for emergency travel.

  1. Know the baggage rules for international flights

This is among the very first and most important airline baggage tips to keep in mind. Check what items are not allowed in checked baggage and what items are prohibited in hand luggage in addition to the permitted weight, size, and the number of bags. Adhere to the airline baggage rules for a smooth journey.

  1. Pack essentials in the carry-on luggage

These include your wallet, passport and other travel documents, medication (and its prescription), eye masks, electronics, jewelry, and other such things. If it is a long-haul flight, pack a book or any other form of entertainment that will help you through the flight journey. Not doing this will be among the biggest travel mistakes ever.

  1. Don’t pack valuables in your checked baggage

One of the most important airline baggage tips is to avoid packing any kind of valuables in your checked baggage. Why? Well, in the event that you lose your luggage, you will incur minimal losses as all your valuables will still be with you. It’s a good idea to get travel insurance to cover such losses.

  1. Never put heavy stuff in the overhead storage bin

Even if your carry-on luggage does not exceed the weight limit, it may cause someone serious injury if it falls from the overhead bin. So, if your heavy bag can easily fit under the seat, go with that option instead of the overhead bin. This will be safer and, at the same time, you can keep a closer eye on your bag.

  1. Check what items are prohibited

Fireworks, flammable items, some types of batteries, and several other items are prohibited in checked and all kinds of batteries. But baggage rules can be tricky. For instance, while you cannot pack electronic cigarettes in your checked baggage, you can take them along in your carry-on luggage. So, ensure to check the no-fly items list of your airline carefully before packing.

  1. Use TSA-approved luggage locks

Among the most important airline baggage tips is to use TSA-approved luggage locks. Sometimes, airline officials will open your baggage for a closer inspection. In such a case, the locks on your luggage will be ripped off if they aren’t TSA-approved. On the other hand, if you use a TSA-approved lock, the official can open it using a master key.

  1. Mark your luggage

NEVER travel with an unmarked bag. This is also among the best airline baggage tips to follow. Always make sure there is some kind of identification on your bag so that it’s not mixed up with someone else’s similar looking luggage. You can use colored bags, ribbons, bags with patterned exteriors, and ID tags among other things to make your bag stand out from the rest.

  1. Don’t throw away your checked baggage stubs

Whether you’re traveling in economy or business class flights, you must always keep the stubs from your checked baggage along with you. In the unfortunate event that your luggage is lost, you will need some kind of proof that the baggage is yours. The checked baggage stubs will come in handy for this purpose. You can easily prove the lost baggage is yours.

  1. Put your contact and identification information in each bag

This is among the most vital airline baggage tips as it will help airline officials to reunite you with your lost baggage. Additionally, you can also keep a copy of your itinerary information so that the baggage is forwarded to the right destination in case of a delay. Do this with your carry-on luggage as well in case you are forced to check it at the last minute.

  1. Be prepared to deal with delayed or lost luggage

Since you’re already packing key items in your carry-on luggage, also include a change of clothes, formal attire, toiletries, laptop, and other essentials. So, if you’re booking cheap flight tickets for a work trip, you can use the change of clothes and continue with your meeting in case your baggage is lost or delayed. That’s why this is among the best airline baggage tips to follow. The items will help you pull through until your luggage is found.

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