19-year-old Hip Hop Artist Madhu Valli from Virginia Wins Crown of Miss India USA 2016

Indian Americans got three winners in the recently concluded India USA 2016 beauty pageant. They are Madhu Valli from Virginia, Sarita Pattnaik from Texas, and Rhea Manjrekar from New York. These three won the crowns out of 52 finalists from the Indian communities in USA. The annual beauty pageant was held in New Jersey.

19-year-old Madhu Valli from Virginia is titled Miss India USA 2016. The crown of Mrs. India USA 2016 has gone to Sarita Pattnaik of Texas, and Rhea Manjrekar of New York has bagged the Miss Teen India USA 2016 title. This is the 35th year of the beauty pageant for Indians in America.

Madhu Valli is a budding hip hop artist. She is studying music and communication at George Mason University. She aspires to make it big in music and has 14 different singles in her treasure. Mrs. India USA 2016, Sarita Pattnaik is a professional interior designer in Texas. She is mother of two children, too. She wishes to work as a social activist for women’s empowerment.

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Sarita Pattnaik, Madhu Valli, Rhea Manjrekar

Rhea Manjrekar, the Miss Teen India USA 2016, has a philanthropy streak behind glamor and beauty. Working for homeless children is what she is passionate about. She has collected USD 50K over the past two years to fund the cause which is so close to her.

Namita Dodwadkar, the first Mrs India USA, was the chief guest in the grand finale of the India USA 2016 beauty pageant. Like previous years, the pageant saw the best of glamour and talent. The contestants wooed the judges with their super confidence and outstanding talent in different categories, according to Namita Dodwadkar.

Indian American Dharmatma Saran, the founder and president of the India USA pageant, organized and hosted the event this year too. The winners of the Indian USA 2016 beauty pageant will participate in the India Worldwide Competition, which will be held in Mumbai in 2017.

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  1. Gurpreet

    Indian Beauty pageants in USA are mockery of beauty. They are mere trap of money making. There is no entrance criteria and no talent and qualifications required to enter these pageants. Mrs contest this year was a joke. Organizers will gave their agents who will trap innocent women show them dreams of glamorous world and squeeze money out of them. These gang oh people work together. I was there this year with my friend and was shocked to see Mrs USA of this year 😂😂😂. Ladies be aware they don’t care how accomplished you are and how well rounded you are all they want is your pocket. Look and the Mrs and decide yourself. There was no talent and no criteria.


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