Indian Americans are All Set to Unveil United States’ Tallest Statue of Lord Hanuman in May 2020

While India is divided in its opinion about the significance of building the world’s tallest statues of mythological and historical figures, Indian Americans are all set to worship the tallest statue of Lord Hanuman at a Hindu temple in the United States. On January 18, in the thick of the chilling winter, tens of Indian families gathered and cheered the arrival of a 25-feet granite statue of Lord Hanuman in Hockessin, Delaware.

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Picture Credit: Hindu Temple of Delware Facebook

Though India is home to the tallest statues of Hanuman, this is the first time Delaware will become home to the United States’ tallest statue of the Hindu god. India’s incredibly tallest Hanuman statues are the 176-feet Madapam statue in Srikakulam and the 135-feet Paritala Anjaneya statue near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. The only tallest statue of Lord Hanuman outside India is in North America. It is the 50-feet Mangal Murti Hanuman idol in Ontario, Canada.

Titled the Hanuman Project, the ceremonious consecration of the 25-feet idol will be held in May 2020, at the Hindu Temple of Hockessin, Delaware. The statue commands awe for not only its height, but also its weight of 60,000 pounds. It was carved out of a single piece of granite stone and sculpted meticulously in India over a year.

Indians in Delaware have been yearning for a life-size statue of Lord Hanuman since the ground-breaking ceremony was held for the Hockessin temple in 1996. Though Goddess Mahalakshmi is the presiding deity of the temple, lord Hanuman will be worshipped with equal reverence there. “Towering statues of Lord Hanuman are enshrined and worshipped across India, and we are glad to follow the tradition in Delaware,” said the president of the Hindu Temple Association.

Once the United States’ tallest Hanuman statue is unveiled and consecrated at Delaware’s Hindu Temple of Hockessin, it will join the ranks of popular Hanuman temples in USA including California’s Panchamukha Hanuman Temple in Torrance, California’s Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple at Mount Madonna Center, and the Hanuman Temple of North America in Maryland. Hanuman, the principal devotees of Lord Ram, is a god of strength and best known as Sankatmochan Mahabali.

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