Rangoli- Ushering in prosperity

Vibrancy and color have always been how Indian outlook is perceived. India is recognized globally for its distinct Flavor and Rangoli is one of them. A part of Indian Culture, Rangoli is used to beautify homes, places of worship and any place that calls for celebration.

Combining symmetry, precision, and complexity, Rangoli is designs made of geometrical lines drawn on the floor, composed of curved loops. Marking are designed around a grid pattern of dots. The medium used to outline patterns is often rice powder, chalk, white rock powder and chalk powder. Natural and synthetically colored powders are used to fill up the shapes and enhance the contours of the drawing.

A common sighting in Southern India, Rangoli is referred by different names according to region and language. Hase in Karnataka, Muggulu in Andrapradesh, the Rangoli is an ancient art passed down the generations as an essential part for any ritual or  festival.

Deemed to bring prosperity and wealth, Rangolis are made at daybreak, before sunrise. Courtyards are swept clean and watered for this purpose.

Rangoli has an interesting part to play in chalking out a plan for a harmonious co-existence of all creatures. Patterns are made with rice powder along the corners and skirting of the floor to make food accessible to ants. Varieties of birds are attracted to the patterns which changes the ambience of the entire garden.

Patterns are customized to welcome Goddess Lakshmi- the Goddess of prosperity to usher in affluence. Motifs are modified to blend in with the occasion. Abstract, philosophical, religious, geometrical, zodiac signs, fish, birds and flowers, the theme includes the associated elements.

Weddings are incomplete without Rangoli. Seasonal messages are written in Rangoli and decorated with flowers. Competitions are often conducted to prove one’s prowess in drawing intricate designs, within a certain time limit.

Over the ages, rice flour has been substituted with limestone and red brick powder to bring about a contrast in color. Chalk and chalk powder has been a long standing favorite. Technology has made way for vinyl stickers which are time saving and easy to peel off. Despite the change in trends, the Rangoli has stood the test of time which was prevelant during the Chola dynasty.

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