21-year-old Indian American Chetan Hebbur from Dallas to Play Agent of Change for New York

Young Indian Americans are emerging as agents of change and invention for a better society, a better nation and a better world. You might think that we are magnifying a micro picture. If you go through our stories of young Indians in America and their thought-provoking achievements, you will concur with us. Recently, a 10-year-old Indian American boy was appointed Inaugural Young Ambassador of Houston.

21-year-old Chetan Hebbur from the Dallas Indian Community in Texas is running for a post in the New York City Council. A student of mathematics and economics at New York University, Chetan Hebbur is looking to represent Murray Hill, East Village, and Lower East Side. He believes in making a difference in society and ensuring transparency of government policies.

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A Democrat among the first-generation Indian Americans in Dallas, New York University’s student Chetan Hebbur said, “The city needs young voices to advocate its citizen welfare policies and young doers to transform the existing system,” in an interview with New York Post. Internet and social media are powerful instruments to work with to create and achieve government transparency, according to him. He claims that if the power of youth is widely channelized through social media, it will create sweeping waves of change.

A Dallas native, Chetan Hebbur is also a marketing consultant for Toews Cop, an advisory firm. If he is elected a representative in the New York City Council, he will be the youngest city lawmaker in the history of the Big Apple. Former Bronx Councilman Joel Rivera, who was elected at the age of 22 in 2001, has been holding the title ‘Youngest City Lawmaker’ till date.

If he wins the election, Chetan Hebbur will become the youngest person to be elected to the New York City council at the age of 22. He would also tie Joel Rivera, former Bronax Councilman, for the title of youngest city lawmaker.

He is looking to launch an online portal for the residents of New York so that they can vote on the city council’s policy proposals, thereby making it compelling for the city council to maintain transparency. The portal will also help New York University student Chetan Hebbur to seek and measure support from the residents for every act of legislation.

He cited an instance to establish the need for an online portal as an instrument to track implementation and progress of policies from time to time. Save a Life, a New York City based campaign which was supposed to bring 700 pharmacies under the purview of access to the life-saving overdose anecdote, is heard of only by a few, according to Chetan Hebbur.

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“I strive to do things with a grass-roots approach towards creating positive changes in the system and making a difference in our community. I hope to get my peers on the same page for a bigger picture,” Chetan Hebbur said during the interview.

He said that though he might appear little given the responsibility ahead and the changing scenario, he would connect with the 50,000 students of New York University and the New York City residents of all ages.

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