New York to Host Cultural Train Journey ‘The Namaste Express’ for Indians in Summer 2018

The aftereffects of the last few successive winter storms are lingeringly fading out of New York. With summer approaching the Northeast USA, New York is gradually crawling out of the pale, snowy, numbing winter atmosphere. Some New Yorkers have already started making a list of the best things to do in New York City in summer 2018. After all, they are eagerly waiting to spend time outdoors on bright, sunny days, and cozy summer evenings.

We at Travel Beats, an Indian American Community portal for all Desis including New York Indians, recommend a visit to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan among the things to do in NYC summer 2018 for a different reason altogether.

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The Children’s Museum of Manhattan to Exhibit Indian Culture & Heritage

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan will hold an exclusive exhibition on Indian culture and heritage in the months of summer 2018. Titled The Namaste Express, the upcoming exhibition at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan in New York is part of the ongoing series of shows providing knowledge of world cultures and heritage. The museum has already exhibited the cultural heritage of ancient Greece, China, Japan and other countries.

Deemed one of the best NYC events in summer 2018 for kids, The Namaste Express at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan will take the kids on a spectacular ride through the cultural and historical corridors of India. American kids of Indian origin or first-generation Indian American kids can make the most of The Namaste Express exhibition to explore India’s cultural heritage, linguistic diversity, historical richness, geographical beauty and technological advancements.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan has conceptualized The Namaste Express as “an interactive train journey through India.” The exhibition layout at the museum will be designed in such a way so as to make the families feel like they are in India.

Fun Activities during The Namaste Express at Children’s Museum of Manhattan:

Among the upcoming New York Indian events in summer 2018, the exhibition promises lots of fun for kids and their parents. Besides the interactive ride, there will be a number of amusing programs, like watching a Rajasthani puppet show, riding a hand-pulled rickshaw, playing in the premises of a grand Indian fort, dancing to Indian traditional music, practicing yoga at a yoga center, learning popular phrases in several Indian languages, etc. Last but not the least, there will be a Bollywood stage within the exhibition layout to make it one of the best things to do in New York summer 2018.

“The exhibition layout will allow kids and their parents to make multiple stops at different Indian states and cities and experience the variety of architectural styles, cultures and environments through colors, shapes, structures and landscapes,” said Lizzy Martin, the Director of Exhibition Development and Museum Planning.

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The Children’s Museum of Manhattan in New York is inviting the Indian American community to share their ideas for the exhibition, The Namaste Express. The museum is also looking for performers and artists to make the exhibition a most spectacular cultural extravaganza for the family audience.

The museum will run the exhibition for three months of summer 2018 in New York and may host it in other US cities for 4 years, based on the response.

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