Manali Summer Sundowners

The month of June in Manali, Himachal Pradesh is dedicated to adventure seekers. The Manali Summer Sundowners Project is a perfect blend of culture, adventure and music.

The festival has a great line-up from featuring documentary screenings at the Soul Film Festival, Art & Photography, Motorcycling Tours, Day Excursions to Temples & Tibetan Monasteries, Alternate Lifestyle Courses & Himachal Ayurveda, Hiking around the Great Himalayan National Parks, Nature Walks and Camping.

This beautiful Indian Travelers paradise has travelers thronging Manali year after year. Live musical performances against the snow–capped mountains in the Himalayan town of Manali. Your vacation will be the best with our Cheapest Airfares to India.

Book with Indian Eagle, indulge yourself to Classical, Sufi, Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Rock, Pop, Alternative & Live Jams. The theme for the festival is to blend in with the local elements and create a sense of harmony for the tourists.

Take that trip to Magical India at the Cheapest Airfares to Himachal Pradesh. Enjoy local artists opening acts for some of India’s leading bands at the Ram Bagh Amphitheatre, Manali.

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