Indian Eagle obeys your right to peaceful travel

The world celebrated the International Human Rights Day this December 10. The right to free speech, the right to freedom of religion, the right to basic education, the right to decent living, the right to possess property, the right to medical care, the right to protest, the right to freedom of knowledge, and the right to travel are some of the basic human rights that the citizens of countries across the world enjoy. Indian Eagle respects your right to freedom of knowledge as well as travel, and protects it through 24-hour customer service.

Knowledge and travel go hand in hand, irrespective of time zones and geographies. By ‘knowledge’, we mean what you need to know while booking and before taking a flight for air travel, not what travel & tour teaches you. To be precise, we celebrate your right to knowledge (or information) for hassle-free travel. The growing team of travel specialists in the customer care unit at Indian Eagle is the driving force behind our mission to secure travelers’ right to information.

The knowledge of airlines’ baggage allowances, inflight services, lounge facilities, and special service policies is a crucial need for hassle-free air travel. We stop at nothing to meet this need of our travelers. Your right to information for hassle-free travel is among our business principles.

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Indian Eagle makes sure to let you travel like a worry-free baby

For instance, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, Air India, Air China, Gulf Air, Etihad Airways and others have their own checked baggage and hand baggage allowance policies which even vary with destinations in these airlines’ flight service networks. If the baggage weight and size limits, permitted by the airline or airlines which you are to fly with, are exceeded, you will end up paying for it. Our travel specialists are always at work to provide you with the complete information of individual airlines’ baggage allowance.

Knowing which things you can carry and which things you must not in the hang bag and the check-in bag helps you travel without facing any hitch at the departure airport. Airlines have their own lists of prohibited items, and lists of permitted items. If you do not pack your bags in compliance with these lists due to your lack of knowledge, you may be denied boarding at the airport’s security checkpoint. You can collect this information before taking the flight, from our travel specialists who are available round the clock.

You must know what inflight dining services will be provided to you on long-haul flights to India or any other destination. Airlines’ inflight dining services vary depending on their travel classes – First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. Moreover, there are several different meals such as vegetarian meal, non-vegetarian meal, bland meal, Hindu meal, child meal, and diabetic meal on the airlines’ inflight menus. Travelers are served these meals according to their food habits, dietary preferences, travel classes, ticket types and destinations. Once your flight to India is booked through us and confirmed, you will get to know these details from our travel specialists.

Different airlines have different special assistance policies for pregnant women, unaccompanied minors, travelers with infants, travelers with pets, and travelers with disability. Our customer service keeps travelers in the know of which airlines offer the best special assistance services throughout the flight to their desired destinations. We will let you know which airlines provide wheelchair service, ‘unaccompanied minor’ service, infant meal facility, and special care for pregnant women on India-bound flights so that you can travel without any worry.

If you need to reserve a seat for your infant, if you need to pay an additional fee for the ‘unaccompanied minor’ service, if you will get refund in case of booking or flight cancellation, if you can fly with the newborn, if you can travel at the advanced stage of pregnancy, if you can carry your own wheelchair on board, which airlines let the blind or the disabled travel with personal attendants, which airlines offer the flying nanny service to travelers with infants – you must know all these and many other such or similar things for a peaceful flight.

At Indian Eagle, we continue to achieve excellence in customer service by consistently improving the way of addressing your queries, upgrading the means of communication, and ensuring the 24-hour availability of travel specialists so that your right to information regarding your flight is not compromised. Thus, we strive to comply with your right to hassle-free travel.

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