What Electronic Items Can I Carry to India from USA and How Many without Customs Duty? A Complete Guide

Electronic gadgets are so much into our daily lives that we don’t budge an inch without a mobile phone or a laptop. When it comes to traveling from USA to India, we pack a small carry-on bag of nifty electronic items for personal use or/and gifting to our dear ones. Not knowing Indian government’s duty-free limit, customs rules and documentation for electronic imports from abroad will cost you a hefty amount, thereby adding to your total travel expenses.

No point in saving $50-$100 on flight tickets to India from USA if you end up paying dollars to Indian Customs officers for carrying electronics beyond the duty-free limit. Our guide on USA to India travel with electronic devices comes in handy to familiarize you with the customs duty obligations and exemptions governing your arrival with non-commercial electronic imports. Bookmark and share this guide for a seamless arrival experience in India.

What is the duty free limit for carrying electronics to India from USA?

India’s duty-free allowance for personal electronic items depends on various factors including your age and duration of stay abroad. If you are above 18 years and have stayed in the US or any other foreign country for more than 3 days, you are eligible for the duty free allowance on the value of your electronic items up to INR 50,000. The allowance covers electronic devices like smart phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and other gadgets.

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What is India’s customs duty on electronic items from abroad?

India levies a customs duty of 35% plus social surcharge of 3.5% on electronic items from USA or any other country, exceeding the duty-free allowance mentioned above.

Can I carry two laptops to India without paying customs duty? 

You can bring only one laptop under Indian Customs’ duty-free allowance, as per the rules of carrying electronic items from USA to India. Carrying a second laptop for personal use may not be an issue if it is not a new one. To verify this, customs officers may ask for the original purchase receipts and need you to open the laptop. If duty-free allowance does not apply to your second laptop for personal use, you can claim a concession citing the laptop’s age. However, it is compulsory to declare an extra laptop to customs officers. If the second laptop is new and boxed, it incurs standard custom duty on arrival in India.

I am traveling with two laptops, one purchased in India and the other in USA. Do I have to pay customs duty?

If you can prove that your laptop was purchased in India by providing a valid document like purchase bill or invoice, your old laptop will be automatically exempt from duty. And if the value of the laptop you bought in USA doesn’t exceed India’s duty-free limit, you are not required to pay import duty. Just like in the case of traveling with gold, you can declare your personal electronic items and get an export certificate from the customs desk before traveling to USA. Arrival in India with your same electronic devices becomes easy with the export certificate.

Can I carry two mobile phones on flights from USA to India? 

In current times of social media, online shopping, OTT entertainment and multitasking, having two mobile phones is not a surprise even to Indian customs officials. Though the customs rules for inbound travelers carrying electronics to India from abroad do not allow more than one phone per person, you are safe as long as the total value of two phones is within the duty-free allowance. If you carry a new phone (in a sealed box) other than your personal mobile device in use, you have to declare it, show the purchase receipt and state the purpose, such as gifting.

If you travel to India from USA with two new iPhones (total value exceeding INR 50,000), it will incur customs duty.

How many watches can I carry to India from USA?

Wristwatches are common electronic items in carry-on bags of Indians flying to India from USA. Undeniably, the US is home to several luxury watch brands. You can carry 2-3 watches without any issue; watches are not subject to customs duty in India if they are for personal use and if their value does not exceed the duty-free allowance. On carrying more (commercial quantity), especially luxury watches, you have to face customs officials and pay taxes.

How many electronic devices can I bring from USA to India? Do I have to declare all my electronic items on arrival? 

Usually, you can carry one laptop, one tablet and one mobile phone without any hassle when traveling from USA to India. You are not required to fill a customs declaration form if the value of your personal gadgets is within the duty-free limit. And if you are carrying dutiable items or more electronic devices than what is allowed, you must sign the declaration form and opt for the red channel for customs clearance (You can head to the green channel only when you don’t possess any dutiable items or have no electronics in excess to declare. If found otherwise, your electronic imports may be detained by customs officials).

India’s ATITHI app facilitates advance currency/customs declaration even before you board the flight to India.

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  1. Unknown user

    Thanks for the informative article. I have a couple of questions
    1. For my next travel, I have to carry two laptops. One of them being personal and other for office work. Should this be okay? I don’t have the receipt for my work laptop but can prove that it’s office laptop.
    2. In terms of customs tax calculation, is it calculated on the entire price or just the delta above the standard limit? e.g. If my new phone costs Rs. 75,000, do I have to pay taxes on entire 75,000 or the difference 25,000 (75,000 – 50,000)?


  2. Mahavish

    My brother is coming from USA. I want a Photobooth can he bring it without custom charges however it won’t be a sealed unit.


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