US-based Grammarly’s New CEO is Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Google’s Former Vice President of Product Management

Indian-origin leaders are not mere cogs in the giant wheels of the US economy. Bearing testimony to this is the growing cohort of Indian American CEOs, that recently welcomed Honeywell’s CEO Vimal Kapur. Announcing a new era of leadership, Grammarly – a Silicon Valley unicorn worth US$ 15 billion – is handing over the baton of its CEO to Indian American Rahul Roy-Chowdhury. Precisely, Grammarly Inc. headquartered in San Francisco will see its global head of product, Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, as its new CEO from May 1.

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Grammarly, a cloud-based technology company helping students and professionals communicate with confidence, is at the cusp of revolution in artificial intelligence. The growing popularity of Microsoft-backed ChatGPT that emerged as a most disruptive AI technology is a threat to Grammarly and similar companies, according to industry experts. This seems to have brought Grammarly to an inflection point where leadership transition is key to introducing a brand new artificial intelligence tool as Grammarly’s competitive edge over others.

“Now is the ideal time for this transition. Grammarly is a deeply technical, product-led company. Rahul’s product and technology background is a tremendous asset. He is well-positioned to help us navigate the path ahead. He is also mission-driven and fiercely user-focused. His experience and learnings from building Google Chrome into a user-friendly platform can help us move faster at scale. Under Rahul’s leadership, we took a big step forward with our product, enhanced quality and introduced solutions to help beyond the revision stage of communication,” said Grammarly’s outgoing CEO Brad Hoover.

Indian-origin Rahul Roy-Chowdhury joined Grammarly, Inc. as Global Head of Product after 14 years at Google. He had landed a career opportunity as product manager at Google’s Bangalore office in 2007. After two years of service in India, he moved to the Googleplex, Alphabet Inc.’s corporate headquarters with an Indian restaurant named Baadal in Mountain View, California. He climbed up a step on the corporate ladder every two years, from Product Manager in 2007 to Vice President of Product Management in 2019. His travel from Bangalore to San Francisco was the turning point in his pursuit of American Dream.

“In the past two years of his leadership at Grammarly, Rajul has focused on driving excellence and helped us up-level as a company. He has pushed our thinking and driven the organization forward with clarity, keen judgement, and sound decision-making,” said Brad Hoover eloquently. Rahul studied MBA at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and earned an MS degree in computer science from Columbia University.

In order to stay in the race with ChatGPT and its advanced model GPT-4, Grammarly, Inc. is all set to release GrammarlyGO – the next-gen model of communication assistance with generative AI capabilities – in April 2023. It is Grammarly’s new CEO Rahul Roy-Chowdhury who headed the product development team for GrammarlyGO that claims to instantly generate a high-quality draft on any topic based on a prompt with a few words and new versions of an existing write-up. Rahul, who believes in ethical AI development, says that “effective communication is vital” for every phase of a business’ journey.

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