Global Entry vs TSA PreCheck: An Infographic Guide on Travelers to and from USA

Navigating US airport security often feels like embarking on a daunting journey before the long-haul flight from USA to India even begins. With stringent protocols and seemingly endless queues at every airport checkpoint, travelers find themselves trudging through a labyrinthine maze of regulations and security procedures. However, trusted traveler programs such as Global Entry and TSA PreCheck come to your rescue, streamlining the security screening process and expediting your journey through the airport.

But, which is better: TSA PreCheck or Global Entry? Should I enroll in Global Entry or TSA PreCheck or both? While Global Entry eases international arrival in the US, TSA PreCheck facilitates domestic and international departures. There are exclusive kiosks/security lanes for members of these trusted travelers programs. The best thing is that Global Entry members do automatically qualify for the benefits of TSA PreCheck. This infographic comes in handy for you to know what you should enroll in – Global Entry or TSA PreCheck – and other details like eligibility, fee, application procedure, how to use, and validity.

TSA PreCheck vs Global Entry comparison, what is better Global Entry or TSA PreCheck for Indian travelers

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