This Indian American Girl Organizes Free Camps for Health Education of Kids from Low-income Families

Some people in India believe that kids born in the United States are many times luckier and more privileged than those born in India. We at Indian Eagle don’t absolutely agree with them. Firstly, the picture of privileges and progress in America is not fairer than it looks from a distance of thousands of miles. Secondly, not all Indian American kids are born privileged in an advantaged family. They go through several corridors of stiff competition to earn privileges which come along with duties and responsibilities.

The inspiring story of Indian American Amreen Sunil, the founder of Aid4Kids in California, from our continued series of stories of young Indian philanthropists and achievers in the United States is a testimony to the above statement.

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Based in San Francisco Bay Area, Aid4Kids is a nonprofit initiative impacting the lives of children from low-income families through health awareness programs. Good dental health of underprivileged children is the current focus of Aid4Kids. Amreen Sunil, an Indian American high school senior in Fremont started the nonprofit initiative in 2015 aiming to narrow the gap between the kids of low-income families and their well-to-do peers through health awareness and education on hygiene.

Though Aid4Kids is Amreen Sunil’s brainchild, it is run by an all-girl team including Event coordinator Esha Desai from Cupertino, Secretary Kriti Iyer from Fremont, Treasurer Ashka Desai from Hayward, and Publicity officer Laurena Huh from Belmont, California. The all-girl team of Aid4Kids organizes dental health awareness camps across the San Francisco Bay Area and gives an edifying presentation on the importance of dental health as well as oral hygiene to the children from low-income families.

Amreen Sunil and volunteers of Aid4Kids read out motivating stories on dental hygiene to kids of different age groups across the Bay Area. Cupertino-based Esha Desai, who coordinates for health awareness camps and events, distributes free dental health kits to the children. Eminent philanthropists and big organizations like the International Association of Youth often donate health & hygiene supplies to Aid4Kids.

Aid4Kids’ founder Amreen Sunil has authored a book titled Teeth Warriors to educate children on the importance of dental health and the benefits of oral hygiene. She donated 95 health & hygiene kits to a school in Uganda, Africa last year (2017). She says,

“Children do not choose to be poor or uneducated. Our aim is to help children achieve greater freedom from the constraints of lack of education and health services. We hope to bring medical supplies and education to those in need.”

The all-girl team of Aid4Kids is looking to expand the ambit of their work beyond the San Francisco Bay Area. They are also trying to reach out to underprivileged children in India. Indian American Amreen Sunil is inviting more volunteers to join the mission for health education and hygiene awareness of children from economically disadvantaged background.

This story is part of our continued effort at Indian Eagle to promote humanitarian work by Indians in USA and the rest of the world. Besides booking cheap flights to India, Indian Eagle also caters inspiring stories of philanthropy, community news, and latest air travel updates to Indian Americans through our free newsletters.

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