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Yellowstone National Park to Reopen Over the Weekend After Record Flooding

Yellowstone National Park to Reopen
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After weeks of flooding in the region and roads and various structures being swept away, the northern loop of the Yellowstone National Park will reopen this weekend.

Due to the heavy downpour, large portions of the park were closed and this led to the forceful evacuations of nearly 10,000 visitors. The continuous rains had also caused a lot of mud and rockslides during mid-June.

It is reported that the authorities had reopened the southern loop of the Yellowstone National Park on 22nd June and initiated a license plate system. According to this, vehicles with license plates having even numbers as last digits can enter the area on even days. Also, cars with odd-numbered last digits on license plates can enter on odd days.

When the north loop will reopen on Saturday, i.e, 2nd July, it will make nearly 93% of roadways in Yellowstone accessible. This will also lead to the discontinuation of the license plate system.

According to Superintendent Cam Sholly, the officials are pleased to reopen the north loop of the Yellowstone National Park to the visitors in less than three weeks after the floods. They have even tried balancing huge recovery efforts while they were reopening the park.

Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris Junction, Canyon Junction, and Tower-Roosevelt are part of the north loop. Tourists can enter the Yellowstone National Park through West Yellowstone, Montana; Cody, Wyoming and its entrance in the south bear Jackson, Wyoming.

The north and northeast entry gates at Cooke City and Gardinar are still closed and people visiting the park do not have access to the wildlife-rich Lamar Valley. This is because the flooding has washed out major portions of the roads in that area. According to some officials at the Yellowstone National Park, it can take years for the roads to be fully repaired again.

The Yellowstone National Park is an environmentally sensitive region that spans Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. It has a massive underground plumbing system that feeds into the hot springs, geysers, and other thermal features at the park. It is also reported that the season of construction only runs during the spring thaw and until the first snowfall, which means that some roads might only get temporary repairs this year.

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