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World’s Safest Airlines: Etihad and Emirates Feature in Top 10

World’s Safest Airlines
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What do you consider when choosing an airline during your flight booking? Most people opt to fly with a carrier that offers the best amenities or fits their budget. While some are loyal to a specific airline. But there’s one thing that you must always consider when choosing an airline; safety. 

AirlineRatings.com has recently released a list of top 20 ‘world’s safest airlines’. They have ranked carriers taking into account parameters such as levels of pilot training, age of fleet, number of fatalities, any serious incident on-board etc. 

Top 20 ‘World’s Safest Airlines’ 

  1. Qantas
  2. Air New Zealand
  3. Etihad Airways
  4. Qatar Airways
  5. Singapore Airlines
  6. TAP Air Portugal
  7. Emirates
  8. Alaska Airlines
  9. EVA Air
  10. Virgin Australia/Virgin Atlantic
  11. Cathay Pacific
  12. Hawaiian Airlines
  13. SAS
  14. United Airlines
  15. Lufthansa/Swiss Group
  16. Finnair
  17. British Airways
  18. KLM
  19. American Airlines
  20. Delta Air Lines

Popular Carriers Etihad Airways and Emirates Feature in Top 10

Out of the many airlines listed in the top 20 ‘World’s Safest Airlines’ for 2023, popular carriers, Etihad and Emirates featured in the top 10. Etihad has also never been involved in any kind of fatal accident. These airlines don’t just offer the best amenities, facilities or comfort but are also one of the safest carriers. Besides this, both Etihad Airways and Emirates keep upgrading their fleet by purchasing new, safe and fuel efficient aircraft. 

Now you don’t have to think twice when booking an Etihad Airways flight. Because the safety and comfort this carrier offers will be worth your money. 

Apart from this, AirlineRatings.com also listed out top 20 ‘safest low-cost airlines in 2023’, which includes Air Arabia, AirAsia Group, Allegiant, Air Baltic, Easyjet, FlyDubai, Frontier, Jetstar Group, Jetblue, Indigo, Ryanair, Scoot, Southwest, Spicejet, Spirit, Vueling, Vietjet, Volaris, Westjet, and Wizz. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the ‘World’s Safest Airline’? 

Out of the 385 carriers, Qantas Airways emerged as the ‘World’s Safest Airline’ in 2023. 

What are the top 10 ‘World’s Safest Airlines’?

While Australian carrier Qantas topped the list of ‘World’s Safest Airlines’ in 2023, Air New Zealand grabbed the second spot. Popular airline, Etihad Airways was listed third. Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, Emirates, Alaska Airlines, EVA Air, and Virgin Australia/Virgin Atlantic made it to the top 10 of the list. 

Are any airlines from USA listed in the ‘World’s Safest Airlines’ list?

Yes, five US-based airlines featured in the list of ‘World’s Safest Airlines’ in 2023 – Alaska Airlines (8), Hawaiian Airlines (12), United Airlines (14), American Airlines (19), and Delta Air Lines (20). 

Is Emirates a safe airline for travel? 

Yes, Emirates is ranked 7th in the list of 2023 ‘World’s Safest Airlines’ and is considered a safe airline for travel. 

How does AirlineRatings.com select safest low-cost airlines?

AirlineRatings.com evaluates carriers based on International Civil Aviation Organization’s safety audit results, safety incident records from past two years, age of the fleet, crash records etc. 

Be it Etihad Airways, Emirates or American Airlines, you can book your travel with the top ‘World’s Safest Airlines’ only via Indian Eagle. So, why wait? Book your cheap flight from USA to India today!


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