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What are the Best Seats on A Plane & How to Get Them?

What are the Best Seats on A Plane
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Whether you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat, your airplane seat can make or break your flight experience. While you prefer to travel in business or first class every time, choosing the best seat is even more important, especially if you don’t want the least preferred middle seat.

So, how can you know what are the best seats on a plane? The best seat for you is entirely dependent on your requirements as well as the specific aircraft you are flying. A person who naps during the whole journey, for example, may not prefer a corridor seat with seatmates awakening him/her to utilize the washroom. Whereas someone who enjoys getting up and stretching may feel uncomfortable on a window seat.

What are the Best Seats on a Plane?

Some would debate that the ideal seat can only be found in 1st class. However, you can even find excellent seating in the economy class as well. One other thing that you can consider is which is the safest seat on a plane that you can choose while booking an international flight ticket. You can also keep the duration of the flight, additional passengers, etc. in mind when selecting your seat. Hence, consider the specifics of your journey and select the most suitable seat for your requirements.

Tips to Get the Best Seat on an Airplane

Airplanes can accommodate hundreds of passengers and crew. So selecting your ideal seat out of hundreds of other passengers can feel a little like winning the lottery. But it can become a little easy if you follow certain tips during your seat selection. Here are a few tips to help you find what is the best seat on a plane.

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Examine the Airline Seat Map

Check out the airline seat map to get a clear view of the seating that can help you select the right seat. This way, you can choose the seat based on your preferences. For instance, you can either choose the exit row, which will help you get out of the airplane without any hassle after the landing. Or you can also opt for a seat in the front row, so you can have more leg space. 

Make Your Reservation Early

Most airlines allow passengers to select their seats while booking a flight ticket. If you want to make sure that you get a seat of your choice, the best thing that you can do is book your itinerary early. This is so you don’t miss out on your choice of seat in case another passenger selects that too. 

Engage in a Regular Flyer Program

The main advantages of this program are complimentary tickets and in-flight extras. Furthermore, member benefits also include being first in the queue. Because most airlines reserve their best seats for premium and program members, it’s best to join a program you’ll use frequently. Then it’s just a matter of accumulating points to become a privileged member of that program and reap the benefits.

Don’t Opt for Seats near the Toilet or Galley Areas

The seats near the toilet or galley areas are some of the most inconvenient ones. These can be noisy and disturbing especially when you are looking forward to relaxing during a connecting flight or taking a nap during a midnight flight. If you are traveling in a larger aircraft that has multiple bathroom facilities, you’ll be disturbed by the movement of passengers who’ll be using them. 

These are some of the simple tips to know what are the best seats on a plane that can offer you a comfortable flight experience.

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