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7 Unique Things to do in Delhi

Things to do in Delhi
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Why India?

When there are several perfectly great and romantic getaways all across the world – especially in Europe and North America – why come to India? Why is India so widely sought after by spiritual-seekers, nature lovers, and adventure enthusiasts?

Like a lot of the civilizations across the world, India’s, too, is ancient – and that in itself makes it very attractive: It is a culmination of religions from the east of the world to the west, and a mix of a few cultures and traditions.

Today, Delhi is the national capital of India, but it has been so since ancient times; more or less. A lot of important events had occurred during the course of the centuries. Of course, it wasn’t always known as Delhi—its name had been changing as cities upon cities were being constructed. Due to its elaborate history, some traditions and cultures have latched on to it that are still prevalent today. Among them are the unique things to do in Delhi.

These unusual things to do in Delhi not only feed the need for visual gratification, but also that of spiritual. A lot of people from across the world would love to catch Delhi flights from USA to have such unique experiences as the ones mentioned in this article.


Islamic influence in India had begun long before the entire subcontinent had been ruled by Muslim rulers originating from present-day Afghanistan and Turkey. Sufism can be described as the mystical practice of Islam seeking truth, love, and knowledge through romantic music.

Nizamuddin Auliya is a very famous name in India as a great Sufi singer. At the age of 21, he became the disciple of Baba Farid. Nizamuddin eventually became his successor and he led a group of other disciples, among whom Amir Khusro was one.

Today, after more than 700 years of Nizamuddin’s passing, his family still practices his music or qawwali every Thursday, twice. These qawwali sounds can easily send one to a sort of spiritual ecstasy that has perhaps never been experienced before.

It is one of the historical places in Delhi.


Open from Tuesdays through Sundays, the Kunzum Travel Café is another unique experience in Delhi that will blow a traveler’s mind and inspire creative artists. It is a space for like-minded people to meet up and exchange ideas, hold poetry readings, enjoy live music, and participate in art workshops. Customers can pay whatever they want for the beverages they partake, including tea and cookies – all varieties of them!

The Kuznum Café is one of the wonderful things about traveling in Delhi.


In literal terms, the name “Majnu Ka Tila” means “hillock of Majnu”, named after a Sufi nicknamed Majnu.

Some of the Tibetan immigrants who arrived in India at various points made one section of Delhi their home. This section is in North Campus, called Little Tibet. Here, they started their own businesses in cuisine that is unique to India and a must-try!

Aside from eateries, there are even boutiques, apparel stores, traditional Tibetan goods, clothes, and souvenirs are also found here.

Must-try restaurants and/or eateries are: AMA Restaurant, Tee Dee Restaurant, Himalayan Restaurant, and Kori’s café and restaurant.

Visit new Delhi for this exceptional experience.


The Gurudwara Bangla Sahib was originally a palace belonging to Raja Jai Singh I, who was a senior general in the Mughal army and also king of Amber, a Rajput kingdom, in the 17th century CE. Years later, it was converted into a Gurudwara and Guru Har Kishan resided here in 1664 CE, at a time when the region was riddled with small pox and cholera, an epidemic at the time. The Guru helped and aided those who suffered by providing fresh water from the well at this house. Eventually, he himself caught the disease and died that year.

Ever since, the Gurudwara became a place where Sikhs managed the cooking and served every person who came there seeking food, even today, and especially during the pandemic, when so many people lost their jobs and availability of food was their main worry over the disease itself.

Tourists and visitors are allowed to volunteer here. Everyone working at the Gurudwara needs to cover their hair and follow general pandemic protocols.

Over the course of the pandemic months, the Gurudwara kitchen has undergone a bout of modernization – what with the introduction of machines to simplify work under the circumstances of lack of manpower.

The Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is one of the historical places in Delhi.


Originated in the 17th century, during the Mughal era, the Khari Baoli is the largest and the busiest spice market in Asia. It is also the place that organizes the spice trade with North India. Islam Shah, son of Sher Shah Suri, contributed to its foundation in the year 1551. The traders who live here are said to be the descendants of the owners in the 17th and the 18th centuries.

Despite all the sneezing you might have to suffer, the spice market in Delhi is a must-visit! If you love street food in Delhi, you might enjoy visiting the spice market.


The change of guard ceremony is most common and therefore, everybody doesn’t think of it. It’s true that forts and palaces change their guard periodically to maintain security of these spaces. These ceremonies, originated in ancient times, are most graceful to watch and are even open for public viewing. The public viewing of the ceremony had been banned in front of the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi during the pandemic, but resumed in March 2022.


Accompanied by professional paranormal investigators, you can tour paranormal destinations with night-vision cameras, thermal camera, and laser grids. A 25-minute session is given to each enthusiast for training on how to use these pieces of equipment. You are sure to get some frights and goosebumps on your skin! Go on this tour to experience the paranormal side of the city of Delhi.

Delhi is also known as the City of Djinns. It is said that in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, a dancer still searches for her lover.

The ghost walk is one of the most unique things to do in Delhi.

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