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Ultimate Student Housing Guide Chicago to Move with Ease


Student Housing Guide

Chicago is an excellent location. You’ll have a fantastic time if you move here to attend university. Still, relocating to a new city isn’t always simple. There is a lot to uncover and enjoy within the city. Indeed, it can be overwhelming. The welcoming environment, academic vibes, and abundance of fun activities draw large numbers of students to this magnificent city. According to recent statistics, the United States accepts over one million international students each year.

Despite all of the benefits, moving to Chicago to study can be intimidating for young minds. Top universities, transportation, booking flights from Chicago to India, safer student housing in Chicago, and now even sanitized are all factors that international students consider before relocating. To answer all of your questions, here is the detailed student housing guide Chicago, which will assist you in relocating to the city as a student and getting the best Indian eagle flight deals.

Top Areas for Student Accommodation in Chicago

Hyde Park-

Hyde Park is widely known for its tranquil green space. From beautiful parks to vintage museums, this location provides a suburban feel for student housing. Located on the southern side, commuting downtown is quick and easy.

Lincoln Park-

Lincoln Park is ideal for student housing because it is close to DePaul University. Lincoln Park has more to offer than anyone can imagine, with sprawling parks, lakeside picnic spots, and attractive green areas.


Pilsen is the crown jewel of student housing, located in the Southwest with convenient transportation. This neighborhood is well-known for its vintage clothing stores, low-cost restaurants and bars, and the Thalia Hall music venue.

Types of Student Accommodations

In this student accommodation guide let’s explore the types of student accommodations.

On-campus student housing-

On-campus student housing includes University residences, hostels, or dormitories managed by the University. These options provide appropriate access to the college’s on-campus amenities.

Off-campus student housing-

Off-campus student housing options include PBSAs, HMOs, and other types of rooms. When compared to on-campus housing, they are less expensive. Except for a few property rules, students can live on their own terms.

List of Budget-friendly Student Accommodations in Chicago

As an affordable location in Southwest England, Chicago offers numerous student housing options near every major university, bus and train station, and famous market. Let’s look into them in this student housing guide Chicago.

  1. Lakeside Edgewater Neighborhood Apartments
  2. Prairie Shores
  3. The Buckingham
  4. Algonquin Apartments
  5. Regents Park

Cost of Living as a Student in Chicago

The best advantage of living in Chicago is its accessibility. You can always take a tram, a bus, or one of the famous Yellow cabs. Furthermore, this provides an excellent opportunity for students to live in various new types of accommodation based on their needs.

However, as you move away from the City Centre, the prices and sizes of the housing options will vary. As a result, this student accommodation guide advises selecting the best suitable student accommodation that allows for a large budget for daily activities.

Common Ways to Travel in Chicago 

Chicago is one of the major transportation hubs in USA. The best part is that the city has not gone above and beyond to provide a cheap and affordable transportation system. The following are the most common modes of transportation in Chicago.

  • Railways
  • Buses
  • Bicycles
  • Sharing Scooters
  • Cabs

Student Lifestyle in Chicago

Chicago is a vibrant city with many attractions for ex-pats. The city provides numerous opportunities for students to explore. It is well-known for its haute couture, and Oak Street is the main shopping district. When it comes to fast food, hot dogs and pizzas are the most well-known, along with exotic delicacies.

There are numerous dining options in the city to suit every taste. In Chicago, there are also numerous options for entertainment and nightlife. On weekends, the city has a number of large theatres where students can relax. Outdoor and sporting activities are also excellent ways to unwind.

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List of Top Universities in Chicago

In this student accommodation guide let’s explore some of the top universities in Chicago.

  • Universities in Chicago
  • University of Chicago
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • University of Illinois (UIC)
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Loyola University 


When is the best time to book housing for the September intakes?

Six months before the ideal time is the best time to book accommodations. Booking for student housing in Chicago begins in February.

What is the cheapest rent for student housing in Chicago?

Lake Meadows is the best option if you’re looking for affordable student housing with all of the necessities in the heart of Chicago.

Chicago has what kind of climate?

Chicago has a typical continental climate, with warm summers and cool winters.

So, with this comprehensive student housing guide, Chicago makes it easy for you to relocate to the city. Chicago, the third-largest city in the United States, is home to millions of students. It is well-known for its devoted sports fans, as well as its international trade and commerce. With so many transportation options, commuting in Chicago is a breeze. It is an excellent choice for student housing with reasonable prices.

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