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Whopping Number of Passengers Screened by TSA Over July 4th Holiday Weekend

TSA Screened Number of Passengers Over July 4th Holiday Weekend
Source: i.insider.com

Despite facing numerous delays and cancellations, vacationers remained determined to enjoy their well-deserved time off during the July 4th holiday weekend. There were a staggering 25,000 flight delays during the weekend, with an additional 12,000 delays on Tuesday as people hurriedly returned home after the festivities.

Steady Vacation Spirit Wins Over Delays

Amidst the countless flight disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions, holidaymakers persisted in embarking on their planned vacations. The eastern half of the United States experienced intense thunderstorms, forcing airplanes to wait out the inclement weather. These however, did not hinder people’s adventurous spirit.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stated that the number of passengers screened has regularly exceeded 2 million per day since May 2, extending an impressive streak of 54 days. On Friday, June 30, the TSA screened 2,882,915 travelers. This achievement broke the previous single-day record, which was established on the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2019.

Experts had earlier predicted that over 2 million passengers would fly each day. About 2.7 million people passed through the airports on Thursday, June 29. With 2.5 million passengers on July 1, and July 2, the numbers remained strong. On Monday, July 3, as the celebrations were winding down, the TSA screened 2.2 million individuals. Finally, on Tuesday, July 4, nearly 2 million tourists were subjected to security assessments.

The July 4th weekend has certainly kept the US airports busy. An increase in such passenger numbers is not expected at least until the end of summer or the Labor Day weekend. Did you take a domestic or international flight during this time? If yes, comment below and share your experience.

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