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Some Trekking Places Near Bangalore For Adventure Buffs



Trekking Places Near Bangalore
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Bangalore is best known for two contradictory things—nature and IT. It has two popular nicknames – “The Garden City” and “The Silicon Valley of India”! There are several places to visit in Bangalore for an enchanting experience. 

Not only is the city a fascinating work of nature and well-preserved by its inhabitants, but it also has some fantastic sites you should travel to if you’re an adventure buff! Here are some exciting things to do in Bangalore

Here are some great trekking places in Bangalore you should explore. 

Ramanagara – Trekking in The ‘Silk Town’

You might have heard the name “Ramanagara”; it was the shooting site for the legendary Hindi movie “Sholay”. Located about 50 km from the city, it is one of the best trekking places near Bangalore. Renowned for its silk market and a charming trek, Ramnagara is popular amongst both amateur trekkers as well as professional ones. People come here specifically for rock climbing, bird watching, and to visit the ancient Pattabhi Rama temple.

Bheemeshwari – For Fishing Buffs

A small town situated in the Mandya district of Karnataka, Bheemeshwari is located 10 km from Bangalore. It is popular amongst fishing buffs. This place is also home to the Mahseer fish, known for being the best game fish in the world. Amidst the serene natural beauty, Bheemeshwari is definitely a paradise and one of the best places for trekking spots near Bangalore. This place is also famous for other adventure activities such as boating, camping, and trekking. Besides this, this place is also home to a large variety of such wildlife creatures as leopards, crocodiles, and wild boars. 

Nandi Hills – Tipu Sultan’s Summer Abode

Nandi Hills (also called Nandidurg) is in fact a hill station situated at an altitude of 1478 m; it is one of the most famous places for trekking near Bangalore. If you can climb up 1,200 steps, you will arrive at the beautiful ruins of Tipu Sultan’s summer palace. Tipu Sultan was one of the army generals of the ruler of Mysore. There is a famous rock outcrop here that is known as Tipu’s Drop. The site of the palace is no doubt mesmerizing with spectacular views of the surrounding hills and the Amrita Sarovar. As an adventure buff, you will definitely enjoy this trek!

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Makalidurga – A Giant Hillock

Popular as a photographer’s delight, Makalidurga is quiet and serene, promising some great adventures. It is located about 75 km from Bangalore, so great for a one-day trek. Trekking enthusiasts prefer to come here between the months of September and February. You can explore the surrounding forest and the Lord Krishna Temple at its foothills. Makalidurga is also the site of ruined forts. The Trek is under the supervision of Karnataka Eco-Tourism and you need permission from the forest department. You can book your slot online. It takes about 5 hours to complete the trek. The highlight of the trek is the lake which is shaped like a map of South America.

Channagiri Trek

Manageable even by amateur trekkers, Channagiri is located at a height of approximately 1350 m above sea level. It takes about two and a half hours to complete the trek. Channagiri is located close to Nandi Hills and offers fantastic views of other hills close by, such as Skandagiri and Savandurga. It is one of the best trekking places near Bangalore within 50 km

This is a list of some trekking places in Bangalore you should consider on your next adventure trip to the city. Contact Indian Eagle to book cheap flights from Philadelphia to Bengaluru

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