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5 Tips to Book Cheap Flights

5 Tips to Book Cheap Flights
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Now, who wouldn’t want to book cheap flights! Any amount of money that can be saved on flight tickets is always welcome, isn’t it? But it is easier said than done. With rising fuel prices, fluctuating state of economy, and uncertainties such as worldwide pandemics; it is no wonder that travelers are always in a flux when it comes to international air travel and booking tickets for the same. However, if you have been wondering how to book cheap flights then consider these five tips to ease the process a bit. 

Tips To Book Cheap Flights

Book during middle of the week. Yes, flight tickets generally tend to be cheaper on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and at times even on Saturdays. Most weekend bookings are done for Fridays to Sundays. So, you can usually book cheap flights on Saturdays. Also, middle of the week is generally considered a slow time for business travel too. For this reason, it is possible to find flight tickets that may be less expensive than what you may find on other week days. 

Book months in advance. If you are sure about the dates of your trip, you can find cheap flights easily. Flight tickets tend to get expensive the closer you book them to your trip date. This is just the basic demand and supply game; there’s nothing else to it. So, you can be ahead of the game (to say) by booking your tickets well in advance. Even a 30 to 45 days of advance booking can yield good savings for you. For instance, book international flights to India 45-60 days ahead of your trip for massive savings. To safeguard your money, pay a little more upfront to avail full or partial refunds in case you need to cancel your booking. 

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Book via travel or ticketing websites. There are companies with USP of helping their customers book cheap flight tickets. Some may even go as far as to say that they may offer you the cheapest tickets possible in the market. So, utilize such ticket booking services to save money. Visit websites of these companies and see what deals are on offer. Instead of booking via official websites of airlines, you can buy tickets through travel websites or companies. Airline companies are less likely to offer you the best deals on flight bookings. Ticket booking websites may have advance search features; offering you list of prices from various airlines for one destination alone. 

Book using rewards and discount offers. For repeat customers or registered members; ticket-booking or travel companies may offer special reward programs. You can utilize such offers to reduce the price of your flight tickets. 

Book after considerable research. Take some time to find and assess all options (discounts, available flights etc.)  before you book your flight tickets. For instance, perhaps you would like to book tickets for a connecting flight (which may be cheaper) than for a direct flight. Even though the former option may be more time-consuming than the latter; you may enjoy the reward of some savings on your flight ticket bookings. For instance, a connecting flight from New York to Hyderabad may cost you less than a direct flight between these two destinations.  If you can afford to spend more time on traveling to a destination then a connecting flight may be a good option to save money on tickets. 

So, try these tips to book cheap flights next time you are planning your trip. 

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