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The Great New York Public Library Giveaway – 500,000 Free Books This Summer


The New York Public Library has decided to do a giveaway of its books
to kids and teenagers during the length of the summer, starting from 9th
June 2022.

It is a non-governmental, and non-profit institution; managed privately by
both public and private funding. The free giveaway program was
organized keeping in mind the struggles of the students during the two-year
period of consistent lockdowns and study-from-home. The institution made
this decision of giving away free books in order to help school-going
children to cope during the recovery time, now that there is some relief
from all the struggles and all the places are opening up again.

Some locations are even giving away free library books in Spanish and
Chinese languages; others are offering a free giveaway of large-print
titles. Students can now head to any branch of the library in the Bronx,
Manhattan, or Staten Island to choose the books they want. They can then
personalize these books with specially-designed New York Public
Library book plates.

Not only the free books giveaway, but the New York Public Library
has also organized other programs during the summer for age groups
ranging from toddlers to adults.

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