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Things to Do to Spend a Refreshing Summer in Seattle

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Summer in Seattle can be fun with boat trips and hot air balloon rides. With warm weather, gentle breeze, and bright sunlight, the city turns into a delight for both the locals and tourists. Walking around the shores, hiking through the picturesque paths, dinner on a rooftop bar, and going for wine-tasting sessions are some of the best things to do during summer in Seattle

If you are planning on visiting this city during the summer months, here are some of the interesting activities that will enhance your travel experience. 

Opt for a Wine Tasting Tour 

You can explore the vineyards around the city and try some light and fruity wines. Tasting wine is one of the most interesting things to do in Seattle in the summer months. Not just this, you can take a stroll in leisure around these lush vineyards and maybe even capture some stunning pictures to share your experience on social media. You can also interact with the workers and learn about the process of making this beverage to make your summer vacation in the US even more exciting.

Watch the Sunset from a Hot Air Balloon 

Visiting Seattle in the summer can become magical with a hot air balloon ride. Imagine flying thousands of feet above the ground as the gentle summer breeze touches your hair and you admire the sky change into hues of pink during the sunset. An experience, you’ll remember for a lifetime, isn’t it? As the hot air balloon moves across the city, you can even enjoy the breathtaking aerial view of Seattle. 

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Admire the Whales Swimming in Pristine Waters

Whale watching is one of the top things to do during summer in Seattle. You can spot the mighty orca whale pods in the Pacific Northwest between April and September. There are many boat charters and cruises that will take you on excursions so you can watch these majestic beasts swim in the pristine waters around the San Juan Islands. If you are lucky, you can also spot bald eagles, porpoises, and seals. 

Explore the Lush Pocket Parks in Seattle 

If you are a nature enthusiast and love spending time amidst nature, you can explore the various pocket parks in the city. There are many neighborhood gardens around Seattle that boast of lush greenery and vibrant-colored flowers. Spending an evening at a quaint park while watching the sunset is one of the best things to do in Seattle in the summer. Some of the must-visit pocket parks include Thomas Street Gardens and Parsons Gardens. 

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Enjoy a Ferry Boat Ride 

Island hopping on a ferry boat is one of the best ways of spending your summer in Seattle. You can escape the bustling crowd in downtown Seattle and discover the serene neighboring islands on a ferry boat. You can not only enjoy the awe-inspiring views on your way but you will get to visit unique tourist attractions at these islands. From lavender farms to quaint beaches, get ready to be amazed during your trip. Bainbridge, Vashon Island and Whidbey Island are a must-visit for those who love discovering offbeat places. 

From spending a day at the Alki Beach to walking around the Green Lake, there are many other activities that you can opt for to make your summer in Seattle memorable. Which things to do in Seattle in the summer mentioned above intrigue you the most. Comment below and let us know. 

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