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8 Essential Safety Tips for Solo Travelers Across the World

Tips for Solo Travelers
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Have you ever wondered ‘is solo travel safe,’ and then decided not to do it just because you weren’t sure? To make sure that doesn’t happen again, we’ve got amazing safety tips for solo travel which will enable you to make a safe trip on your own. These are especially important tips for traveling alone for the first time. We’ve even got tips that cover female travelers who’ve wondered ‘how safe is it for a woman to travel alone.’ So use these important safety tips for solo travel and enjoy safe solo travels.

Personal safety is a vital aspect of solo travel. It demands one to be aware of the surroundings as well as put into practice certain basic safety measures. Check out our safety tips for solo travelers below.

Best Solo Travel Safety Tips:

Keep in mind the below safety rules while traveling and minimize the risk of incurring harm during the trip. These safety tips for solo travel will come in handy whether you’re making an emergency trip on last minute flights or are heading out on a planned vacation.

  1. Invest in travel insurance

This is among the most important safety tips for solo travel and we cannot stress this point enough. Looking out for yourself begins even before you set out for the trip. Investing in adequate travel insurance is the best way to safeguard against potential threats during the trip. Get adequate insurance that will cover you in case of theft, injury, lost baggage, or even a canceled trip among other things.

  1. Do enough research on your destination

This is especially among the best tips for solo female travelers. Study up on places you’d like to see at your destination. More importantly, also study up on places you should avoid visiting at your destination. Don’t go to areas that are known to be unsafe for women. Read up on your government’s travel alerts and register with them. This is an added safety measure that will allow your government to keep a track of you when abroad.

  1. Stash valuables at various places

Valuables aren’t just the finances you will be using on your trip. They also include passports and other legal documents, Visa, pricey jewelry, expensive mobiles, and other such things. It’s not a good idea to keep everything together. Don’t carry too much cash and keep what you do carry along with your cards and passport in a steal-proof bag. You can leave jewelry and other valuables at a locker in your hotel.

  1. Share your itinerary with people you trust

It could be the hotel manager. It could also be a loved one back home. Make sure to always let people you trust know about your whereabouts. This is among the topmost safety tips for solo travelers. When someone knows your itinerary, they will know when you are going sightseeing and when you plan to stay in. If something out of what is expected happens, they will be the first ones to check up on you and call for help if needed.

  1. Connect cautiously

This is among the top safety tips for solo travel to remember especially for those wondering how to travel alone safely as a woman. Never get caught in the moment and reveal too much about your travel plans to strangers you meet while on the trip. We never know how genuine they really are. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mix at all. Just keep a couple of boundaries and cook up a story about having travel companions back at the hotel in case something seems fishy.

  1. Don’t go crazy with the drinks!

Never overdrink when on a solo trip. This is a good tip for those traveling on business class flights as well. Free drinks are great but when you down one-too-many, you could get into massive trouble. One of the top safety tips for solo travelers abroad is to drink in moderation. It’s okay to share a drink or two with new friends. But don’t overdo it and become so heavily intoxicated that you can’t even find your way back to the hotel.

  1. Be polite and blend in

Being impolite to the locals can get you into serious trouble. Smile and say ‘no thank you’ if you wish to decline something offered to you. In fact, go a step further and feign an allergy to whatever’s being offered. Similarly, don’t look like an obvious tourist. A lone tourist is a much easier target for con men and petty thieves. So blend in. Walk like you’re a local. It helps to learn a few words of the local language.

  1. Trust your gut

Trusting your instincts is among the most important of al safety tips for solo travelers. When something doesn’t feel right, it most probably isn’t. If you’re uncomfortable around someone, leave immediately. If they persist or seem to follow, quickly get into a crowded place and yell for them to back off. Embarrassed, they’ll back down as you’ll have a couple of onlookers some of whom may offer genuine help.

Keep these essential safety tips for solo travel in mind when you next book international flight tickets for a solo adventure. Don’t get stressed out about safety and always keep calm. These basic but vital safety rules while traveling will help you stay unharmed. Have a safe and fun solo adventure!

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