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Chennai Airport: Rapid Exit and Link Taxiways to Enhance Efficiency and Connectivity


In a move to improve operational efficiency and enhance connectivity, Chennai Airport has unveiled its state-of-the-art “Rapid Exit Taxiway” called “Zulu” (Z/RET-1), and a “Link Taxiway D-1”. These new additions will revolutionize the airport experience for both passengers and airlines. Also, these will be operational at a time when Chennai International Airport’s handling capacity during peak hour is likely to go up to 45 movements/hour from the existing 36 movements/hour. This will help Chennai International Airport in becoming one of the leading aviation hubs in India.

Rapid Exit Taxiway

The impressive addition of the Rapid Exit Taxiway to the airport’s infrastructure is purpose-built to handle the iconic Code E aircraft operations, setting new standards in efficiency and convenience.

Stretching an impressive 400 m in length and 23 m in width, the Rapid Exit Taxiway stands as a symbol of modern engineering and meticulous planning. It is strategically positioned at a distance of 1,831 m from the threshold of Runway 07, forming a seamless connection with Taxiway – B.

This significant enhancement reduces the time required for aircraft to vacate the runway, enabling smoother and more efficient traffic flow. With the implementation of this rapid exit taxiway, aircraft turnaround times will likely decrease. This will allow more flights to be accommodated within shorter time intervals.

The Link Taxiway

Also, the 150.93 m long Link Taxiway D-1 will prove particularly advantageous during peak hours when the Chennai Airport experiences high traffic volume. This will minimize taxiing distances, reducing fuel consumption and emissions as this taxiway will provide swift and safe maneuvering on the main ramp/apron. It will also facilitate faster aircraft movements, ensuring prompt arrivals and departures. It offers flexibility, reduces taxiway network congestion, and enhances efficiency.

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The introduction of rapid exit and link taxiways is proof of Chennai Airport’s commitment to offering a world-class experience to its passengers. The enhanced efficiency brought about by these infrastructure upgrades will result in reduced taxiing times, improved flight punctuality, and increased overall operational capacity.

What does this mean for the Indian aviation industry?

The implementation of these advanced taxiway systems at Chennai Airport aligns with the broader vision of the Indian aviation industry to modernize infrastructure and improve air travel experiences. As one of the busiest airports in the country, Chennai International Airport’s investment in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure upgrades sets a benchmark for other airports to follow.

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