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Prices for Flights to Ahmedabad Soar by 415% for Ind vs Pak ODI World Cup 2023 Match Day

Prices for Flights to Ahmedabad Soar by 415% for Ind vs Pak ODI World Cup 2023 Match Day
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As the cricket world eagerly awaits the epic Ind vs Pak ODI World Cup 2023 clash, fans are realizing that their flights to Ahmedabad may come at a steeper cost than expected. With less than a month left until this monumental face-off, flight prices to Ahmedabad have surged to a whopping 415% higher than usual, delivering a financial bouncer to eager travelers.

Rise in Flight Prices

For those who have procrastinated in booking their flights, the cost of getting a ticket is higher now. Securing a flight to Ahmedabad on the eve of the India vs Pakistan ODI World Cup 2023 clash means paying 104 to 415% more than the original fares. And this is both for domestic and international flights to Ahmedabad. 

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A Smart Move – Booking in Advance

However, there are those who planned wisely. Travelers who secured their tickets in advance from Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad or USA cities like San Francisco, Newark, and Los Angeles got reasonable fares. This astute planning has allowed them to dodge the financial bouncer that others now confront.

Indian Eagle’s ODI World Cup 2023 Discount

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Indian Eagle, a reputed online flight booking company has been offering the best airfare between the USA-India route for 15+ years. And now it is offering an additional $25 off for cricket enthusiasts eager to travel from USA to India for the ODI World Cup 2023. You can use the coupon code WORLDCUPTD25 to get a discount on ODI World Cup flights to Ahmedabad or any other host city. This way, you can watch your favorite team play without spending an exorbitant price

Hotel Price Surge

The cricket fever has not only affected flight prices but also sent hotel rates soaring. Some hotels in Ahmedabad are reportedly charging as much as Rs 80,000 per room per night due to the surging demand. This unprecedented price surge has created a challenge for fans and travelers seeking affordable accommodations during the World Cup.

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An Unusual Surge

What’s interesting is that this surge in airfares and hotel prices appears to be unique to the Ind vs Pak ODI World Cup 2023 showdown. Other matches in the tournament, including the opening game, qualifiers, and the final, have remained relatively unaffected by such price hikes. The intense rivalry between these cricketing giants seems to have driven up the costs significantly.

A Plea to Airlines

With travelers and fans from around the world gearing up for this highly anticipated clash, travel operators and associations are making fervent appeals to airlines. They urge airlines to consider adding extra flights specifically for the period from October 13 to 16 to accommodate the escalating demand. Such additional flights could help ensure that passengers traveling to and from Ahmedabad for the match can do so without worrying about the budget.

A Spectacle Worth the Cost

Despite the financial challenges posed by the surging prices, cricket enthusiasts, fans, sponsors, and journalists from across the globe are eagerly preparing for what promises to be an unforgettable game. The Ind vs Pak ODI World Cup 2023 showdown is a spectacle that transcends the boundaries of cricket and unites fans in their passion for the sport. While the journey may come at a higher cost this time, you can make use of the Indian Eagle deals to get cheap ODI World Cup flights to Ahmedabad or any other city. So, why wait? Book your itinerary before October 10 and witness this iconic clash that many believe is worth every rupee spent.

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