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Plaza Premium Lounge – An Access to Comfort During Your Layover


Plaza Premium LoungeLong layovers can be overwhelming, isn’t it? You definitely need some time to relax before your connecting flight. Lounges are a great escape from the crowd at the airport. And to gain access to these well-equipped spaces, you will usually need to book either first class or business class flights. You can also get access to lounges (such as Plaza Premium Lounge) if you own credit cards from select banks or have any kind of membership that offers lounge access. 

But what if you don’t have all the options that are mentioned above? Well, Indian Eagle has it sorted for you!

Indian Eagle provides you with the cheapest international flight tickets. And now it is also offering you a pass to gain access to Plaza Premium Lounges during your layovers. And the best thing is that it is on offer at an affordable price. 

About Plaza Premium Lounge 

It is the world’s largest network of independent airport lounges offering services across almost all major airports around the globe. And if you are traveling on flights from USA to India or vice versa, you can get access to its world-class services. 

Many airlines such as Emirates have their own lounges for their first or business class passengers. But this lounge is available for all passengers. There are no restrictions in terms of airlines or type of booking. This helps to provide passengers with 360° airport hospitality experiences.

Services Available at the Plaza Premium Lounges

Plaza Premium Lounges offers some state-of-the-art facilities, which will help you relax and enjoy your layover time. Some of the free services are: 

  1. Charging Station
  2. In-Lounge Washroom
  3. Complimentary Food & Beverages (Vegetarian Options Available) 
  4. Newspapers & Magazines
  5. A Playroom
  6. A Shower Area 
  7. Complimentary Wi-Fi
  8. Prayer Room
  9. Smoking Zone 
  10. Multiple TV Screens 

Plaza Premium Lounge Access Pass by Indian Eagle

Indian Eagle not only cares for your budget but it also pays attention to your comfort. Passengers having long layovers will now have the option of booking an add-on service – the Plaza Premium Lounge Access Pass by Indian Eagle

Passengers booking their flights can add the lounge access voucher and enjoy a 3-hour stay inside the world-class Plaza Premium Lounges at select airports during their layover. 

Reasons to Pre-Book the Plaza Premium Lounge Access Pass by Indian Eagle 

Indian Eagle provides cheap international flights between USA and India and as an addition to providing passengers with affordable travel solutions, it is now offering the Plaza Premium Lounge pass at just $40/person on pre-booking. With this pass, you can avail lounge access for up to three hours and enjoy all the complimentary services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Plaza Premium Lounge access pass by Indian Eagle per person?

The cost of the Plaza Premium Lounge access pass is $40/person. If you are traveling as a couple or in a group, you need to pay $40 for each individual. For instance, if you are traveling with your spouse, you will need to pay a total of $80 for two people; i.e, $40 per person. 

Is the access to Plaza Premium Lounge free for children? 

Kids under the age of 2 years have free access to Plaza Premium Lounge. But the charges for those above 2 years are $40/person. 

Is the Plaza Premium Lounge access pass by Indian Eagle available on all flight routes? 

At present, Plaza Premium Lounges access pass by Indian Eagle is available on select layover airports across routes between USA and India. 

What will be the mode of payment for a Plaza Premium Lounge access pass by Indian Eagle?

You can include the Plaza Premium Lounge access pass as an add-on service while booking your itinerary with Indian Eagle and make your payment. Currently, only credit cards are accepted as a mode of payment. 

Will I get a refund for the Plaza Premium Lounge pass if I cancel my flight booking? 

Yes, you can cancel your booking and shall be entitled to a full refund (including the cost of the lounge access pass). 

How to get Plaza Premium Lounge access? 

If you are booking your flight tickets with Indian Eagle, you can pay an additional $40/per person in order to get access into the Plaza Premium Lounge during your layover. 

Is food free in Plaza Premium Lounges?

Yes, food and beverages are free in the Plaza Premium Lounges. 

Are Plaza Premium Lounges open 24/7?

No, the Plaza Premium Lounges are open at specified hours of the day. You can go to the official website to check the business hours of the Plaza Premium Lounge before/during your layover. 

For what duration can I access the Plaza Premium Lounge during my layover?

You can access the lounge and avail its complimentary services for up to 3 hours with the Plaza Premium Lounge access pass by Indian Eagle. 

You can book international flights through Indian Eagle for your travels between USA and India at affordable prices. So, why wait? Book your itinerary today and add the Plaza Premium Lounge access pass to your booking for a comfortable layover. 


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