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Places to Celebrate Sankranthi in India to Experience the Festive Vibe

Fly to these Places to Celebrate Sankranti in India
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As the New Year begins, most regions in India wear a festive look with the Makar Sankranti celebrations. Also known as the ‘Festival of Kites’, it is observed after Lohri. You can witness young kids and adults practice kite flying from the beginning of January.

Celebrating ‘Sankranti’ in India is more than just enjoying a festival holiday. It’s about being a part of the diversity that makes India a single nation. Along with Makar Sankranti, India is ready to welcome the winter cold. Every year in January, a varied range of customs and traditions come together for this vibrant celebration that showcases the richness of Indian culture. This auspicious day is celebrated in various ways by different regions, creating an exciting combination of cultural customs.

Are you thinking about what is the first day of Pongal known as? It is celebrated as ‘Bhogi’. On this day, people discard old and unused items from their homes like wood, clothes, etc. These items are thrown into a fire made of wood and cow dung cakes. The tradition is known as “Bhogi mantalu” and is meant to eliminate old and negative aspects of your life and focus on new beginnings. Women wear new clothes and chant mantras around the holy fire. The second day is celebrated as Makar Sankranti with colorful decorations. An essential part of this day is the “Sankranti Muggulu,” which are beautiful and creative rangoli designs drawn on house entrances. 

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How can you make Sankranti Rangoli(muggulu) Designs?

Usually, rice flour or chalk powder is used for drawing such designs, which include various designs and patterns inspired by nature like flowers, birds, etc. Making Sankranti Muggulu is a popular custom that welcomes good fortune and represents prosperity. The essence of Makar Sankranthi in India comes alive as families get together to make these lovely designs, connecting communities in the name of art and culture.

Let’s explore the best places in India where you may embrace the positive energy of Sankranti and discover its true essence.

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Gujarat- A Sky Full of Kites

In Gujarat, the international kite festival brings enthusiasm to the city in addition to Sankranti celebrations. The skies in cities like Ahmedabad in January become a colorful playground for an endless number of kites. This is more than just a fun game, it turns into an intense race with the sound of kite conflicts resonating through the sky. In addition to being a visual treat, this festival attracts kite lovers from all over the world. 

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana-The Colorful Rangoli

The Sankranti festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Drawing rangoli of colors and flowers in front of the house, which is locally known as  Muggulu, is an important aspect of the festival. These rangoli are more than just decorations; they are detailed, colorful pieces of art that are drawn in front of houses. Usually, they have unique design ideas, regional customs(Gobbemmalu), and natural themes. During this time of year, making these rangoli is an act to welcome luck and wealth into households.

Tamil Nadu: A Joyful Pongal

Sankranti begins with joy in Tamil Nadu with the traditional Pongal celebration, an engaging four-day harvest festival. Cooking the primary crop of rice of the season is a tradition that represents gratitude and prosperity. Kolam designs are skillfully decorated to give houses a festive feel.  Pongal, a delicious meal prepared with fresh rice, milk, and jaggery and cooked as a form of offering to the Sun God, is the tradition of this festival. This celebration reflects Tamil Nadu’s rich ethnic and culinary tradition.

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Punjab: Lohri Celebrations

Similar to the Pongal festival in India, the Lohri festival in Punjab brings people together to celebrate the winter harvest in a welcoming and cultural way. A big bonfire is the highlight of Lohri celebrations, where people gather and toss in sweets, popcorn, and puffed rice. This gesture represents welcome wealth and expressing gratitude for the crop. During the festival, people also take part in traditional folk dances and music. Like the sense of togetherness and thankfulness observed at Pongal celebrations across India, it’s a time when communities come together and share the joy of the season.

Makar Sankranthi in India is a celebration of life, traditions, and cultures. The celebrations become diverse and interconnected as each region brings its special touch. Every place provides a different experience to feel the festive feelings, whether it’s the cheerful Pongal in Tamil Nadu or the enthusiastic kite-flying in Gujarat. This Sankranti, take advantage of the chance to travel to these places with Indian Eagle flights and immerse yourself in the diverse cultural life of India.


Places to Celebrate Sankranti in India to Feel the Festive Vibes
Source: Travel Diary

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which sweet is prepared most in Makar Sankranti?

Different states prepare various sweets for Makar Sankranti. Kurmure Chikki is prepared widely in Maharashtra, Rewari in Punjab and Rajasthan etc. But ‘til ke laddu’ is a common sweet across most places. 

What are special food items in Sankranti?

Some of the special food items prepared for Sankranti are til ladoo, puran poli, makara chaula, khichdi, payesh, pinni etc. 

What sweets are prepared on festivals?

Depending on the festival, a range of sweets are prepared in India. For instance, gujiya is prepared for Holi, til ke laddu are eaten during Makar Sankranti, Sheer Khorma is made on Eid-Al-Fitr and Rum Cake is widely made during Christmas.

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